Monday, April 07, 2008

You do not have to live with abuse within the Christian home!

Posted by Hannah at 9:00 AM

Minister Jacky Hughes is about to release a new book called, "You do not have to live with Abuse"

You can either download it or buy it, and both are very inexpensive. You can view a preview now, and it should be available soon.

She has a number of books, devotionals that she has put together, and you can reach Minister Jacky Hughes Storefront Here: Minister Jack Hughes

She is a very inspirational lady, and has lived with this herself. She has also started a board online if you are in need of spiritual advice from her and others. That board is called, "Jesus Heals Abuse"

I will leave you with a poem written by her, and encourage you to seek out help and support from others. God will be there for you as he always is, but he has also given us a gift of fellowship! Keep asking until someone hears you!


Like a crushed flower
Some kind of perfume released in the brokeness
of petals lying scattered
Knowing I was a flower seeking my healing
I lifted my hands asking
Will you heal me?

Gently he gathered me
Held each bruised petal in His hand
Heard the sweet breath of prayer
Touched me with His strong kiss of love
Restoring each wounded part

Today I opened my eyes again
And I looked at Him
I was in his hand
A new made rose

What sources of encouragement have you found that you would like to share with others? We would love to hear from you!

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