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Brotherhood of Mega Pastors says there is no Culpability on their part!

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Claims presented in a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation are beyond the ability of the public to render judgment. Often, such claims are even beyond the ability of a court to deliberate. To comment on such claims is irresponsible, since no one apart from the court and the parties directly involved has any ability to evaluate the claims presented. If the filing of civil litigation against a Christian ministry or leader is in itself reason for separation and a rush to judgment, no ministry or minister is safe from destruction at any time. Furthermore, the effort to try such a case in the court of public opinion prior to any decision rendered by an authorized court is likewise irresponsible  (Full Transcript with comments Here, and Here   - Thank you Bill Kinnon)
Sovereign Grace Ministries (Or SGM) has been a hot topic all around the blog world, and some news outlets as well.  Sadly, it hasn’t been in a good way.  Claims of alleged (word for lawyers) sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse were brought forth towards C. J. Mahaney’s Church, or network of churches – naming himself and some of his staff.    The two main responses from ‘friends’ of SGM are at best Disingenuous

The lawsuit itself had over 146 claims of abuse, and 16 churches have left the network of churches claiming C. J. Mahaney is not above reproach

The above quoted paragraph is from a statement issued from powerful friends: Mark Dever, Ligion Duncan, and Albert Mohler.  They originally posted in on the “Together for the Gospel” facebook page, and because of all the negative feedback…it was removed.  Yes, they did attempt to scrub it clean, but the link above shows the screen shot with comments.  They did re-issue their statement on their website that does not allow comments.  Think what you may about that!

I read the above with dismay, because it isn’t hard to find articles on their own sites commenting, questioning, and making decisions on lawsuits PRIOR to an authorized court doing so.    Being that C. J. Mahaney is their friend?  WELL it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell which they prefer in this case.  Their approach is pretty manipulative if you think about it. 

Within the last week a civil lawsuit that was filed was dismissed due to the crimes being committed outside the statue of limitations (in other words – too long ago).  Most of claims were dismissed, but thankfully not all.  If you read the statement from the brotherhood of the Mega Pastors – you would think that means there is nothing to the suit at all.    Thankfully, in more and more areas the statue of limitations in these types of cases are being removed.  They are realizing when you are harmed as a child in these types of circumstances you aren’t in the position to go out and FILE the civil suit are you?  Let’s read what Boz Tchividjian founder and Executive Director of GRACE: Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment and is a former child abuse prosecutor has to say about their comments and the Statue of Limitation:
The statement by T4G fails to mention that this lawsuit was dismissed for one reason and one reason only…expiration of the statute of limitation. Isn’t it tragic that the reason why this suit was dismissed – taking too long to file – was the very objective of these church leaders allegedly had when they discouraged these individuals and families from stepping forward. - Boz Tchividjian  From G.R.A.C.E.
The dropping of most of the cases was a big blow to the survivors, because what they were trying to show was a pattern of systematic cover up of abuse.  Please note that YES the civil suit was dropped in some cases, but the criminal one is still on-going.  It makes no sense that they can comment NOW when it clearly isn’t completely over yet.  They may have just shot themselves in the foot with that one.  Julie Anne goes into more details about the legal end of this on her blog Spiritual Sounding Board.  What C. J. Mahaney’s friends seem to be hinting at is – there was no case.    Once again I say – Disingenuous!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Virtuous Woman!

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Samuels - Aishet Chayil

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and I want to wish everyone a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

I heard on the News that Mother’s Day was made official in my country 100 years this year. I had NO idea!

That’s so awesome!

Happy Mother’s Day MOM!

This year is a bit different for me, because of my circumstance. My mother is in the final states of Dementia, and we placed her in Hospice care within the last week.


Within the last 6 months my brother and I had to place her in an Alzheimer’s unit, because her care was getting to overwhelming for us. We found that is cost MORE to keep her at home with help then it did to have her in a secure environment that she is in now.

She had long term care insurance that our parents took out for themselves after they themselves cared for their parents. There is limits on those types of care – moneywise – and we decided it was best to make sure she had the best of care with what time she has left. My brother and I went through all kinds of options, and this one seemed the best. We didn’t want to move her, because seniors tend to go downhill faster when you do.

Mother doesn’t know who I am anymore, and just this week when I went to visit she lit up facially. She knew me, but didn’t really ‘know me’ anymore. She told the doctor there I was good friend of hers, and grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go. Within the last month she has had one struggle after another, and it was nice to have that small window where she was somewhat lucid. She speaks in full sentences, and yet the sentences make no sense in the order she says them. I just give her the response I think she wants. What else can do you right?

Anyway, mother is the prime reason I have been neglecting the blog. It involves a lot of heartache, but she is well worth it!

Happy Mother’s Day TO YOU!

I wish I had a present to give to all of you mothers, caregivers, etc. It was important to me to acknowledge you…and your mothers! Although to me on a personal level its more of a parent’s day – caregiver’s day if you will. Why?

I know I wish my brother a HAPPY MOTHER’S day, because his children do not have a mother (deceased). He is responsible for both roles, although when the children were younger our mother was their substitute for all those children’s gifts they make at school or church. So, for me I celebrate both of them on this day. Its more along the spirit of the day, and way of saying THANK YOU for all you have done.

The only present I could come with was a refreshing outlook that I found this year regarding the Proverbs 31 woman.

Yes, Christians tend to take scripture a bit to literal at times. It seems like they use this for a eulogy to the perfect wife. It was neat to learn about how Orthodox Jews view it, and use as a present of encouragement and thanks!

You might have heard the term ‘Aishet Chayil ‘ being thrown around this year. I think that part of that is due to a new book released this year called, “A Year of Biblical Womanhood”. Aishet Chayil is basically: virtuous woman, Proverbs 31 woman.

Eshet Chayil is a blessing sung every week at the Shabbat table, and from what I understand this on Friday’s nights. The father gives his blessing to his children, and then in some households he sings the Proverbs 31 verses to his wife. It’s not meant to be a show of how she lined up with that scripture, but one of saying THANK YOU for all you have done for the family this week!

To me this was very encouraging, and it’s a way of saying you are blessing with all you do for our family. Its not because you did everything mentioned in those verses, but because you do did all these things for us this week. It is more of an acknowledgment of what she did more than HOW she did them.

Let look at a quote:

If not for her, where would we be? There would be no home, no family... no Jewish people. On Friday night, she sits as the queen of her table, while all those around her sing her praises. And rightly so.

She is the Eishet Chayil, the Woman of Valor, who sets the tone of love, spirituality, and personal growth for all those around her. To know her is to appreciate her strength and talents. And, just in case you might happen to forget, "Eishet Chayil" is there as a weekly reminder.

These words are found in the Book of Proverbs (31:10-31), and accredited to King Solomon.

Sing it with feeling for your own Eishet Chayil, or to the Eishet Chayils that were the foundation of the Jewish people for thousands of years and continue to be so today.

This humble ritual act expresses our deepest felt gratitude for everything that she has done for the family.

Since I can’t sing to you personally…might I offer one of many videos that are presented to their Aishet Chayil !

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Aishet Chayil!

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