Monday, April 21, 2008

Honor Killings In Texas - Father murders his daugthers

Posted by Hannah at 7:50 AM

The Qur’an or Islamic tradition does not sanction honor killings. Honor killing has nothing to do with Islam, but is merely a feature of Islamic culture in some areas. Please keep in mind there are good people within this faith, and then they are some that taken things to the extreme...just like any faith!

Police are looking for Yaser Abdel, and below is a video of pictures of his different looks that he may use.

The video I found at Atlas Strugs who also have a good story about this event.

Human Events also have a story on this recent event of an honor killing of his two daugthers, Amina and Sarah Said (may they rest in peace).

The Lewisville cab driver had been suspected of abuse in the past, according to the Dallas News. He was accused of sexual abuse when they were children, and it was recanted later by them. Some feel out of intimidation, and according to the brother:

During the vigil, the girls’ brother took the microphone, saying his father did not kill his sisters.

“They pulled the trigger, not my dad,” he said.

That shows the power and control and fear of this man. It shows the mind bending that this man did also towards his son. I'm not excusing the son, or saying that he is justified in what he mentioned...its just sad to see how abuse can be continued to the next generation in this fashion. The brother blames the boyfriends for this happening, and NOT his father!

What seems the saddest part of all is the fact that these girls reached out for help some teachers at school as well. They kept reaching out and it seems it was in vain.

America's Most Wanted Show also has a story about this tragic event, along with Fox News as well.

My prayers are with this family, and everyone involved.

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Anonymous said...

Blessing H.

This man needs to be brought to justice. This is the U.S. and this is MURDER.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about this, Hannah.

Actually, though, dishonor killings have little to do with Islam. They are believed to have their origins in misinterpretations of pre-Islamic Arab tribal codes. They pre-date Islam by centuries and are, in fact, un-Islamic.

I'm not excusing them (far from it). Just trying to correct a common misperception.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Hannah on 3:37 PM said...

Thank you for the correct!

I do appreciate it!

Hannah on 9:32 PM said...

Barbara - I agree with you!

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