Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Personal Safety Device for Victims of Domestic Violence!

Posted by Hannah at 10:02 AM


Stop the Abuse had an article recently on a device that could call the police in a moments notice if this is something that you need!

The poster has an offer at the end if you would like to check into the system for you and your family.

I've recently learned that there's a national company ( Phillips Lifeline -- 1-800-543-3546) that specializes in home alert systems. The systems are used primarily by people in frail health and who live alone, to call for medical help.

But what about calling for law enforcement help? It can be used for that also. I'm informed that many people in remote areas use it.

The equipment is basically a dialer that's installed on your phone. When you push the button (around your neck or in your pocket), the 24-hour trained professionals come on your speaker phone and ask what you need.

You only need to say, "Call the cops!" and they'll be on their way.

I have spoken with this company and they've sent me coupons to save up to $80.00 with free activation of the system.

Contact me through the 'email me' link at the upper left of this blog, and I'll send you one.

I'm sure we have all seen the commercials for this type of item for seniors that live alone, and it helps as an extra safety measure if they do need help.

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