Monday, March 16, 2009

How to NOT talk about Domestic Violence

Posted by Hannah at 10:24 AM

domestic violence

In Contempt has an article, and the above cartoon the made over the author's feelings regarding people's reactions to Chris Brown’s abuse of Rihanna.

The author notes:

I was really reluctant to do a cartoon about Chris Brown’s abuse of Rihanna. For one thing, domestic violence is not inherently funny (duh); and there is always the risk of hurting the feelings of someone who has been abused or triggering past trauma. My little comic strip may be irreverent, disrespectful to authority, blasphemous, and rude-crude-and-lude. But it should be clear to most of my readers that mocking victims of violence ain’t my shtick.

It seems to me that the secular world also has their ways of NOT talking about domestic violence as well.

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2 comments: on 10:06 PM said...

I am very impressed by that cartoon. The artist is right, there is nothing funny about domestic violence. But this artist poked fun at the right people--society who talks all around the issue, blames the wrong people, gets mad at the victim. WHEN is society going to start holding the criminal accountable?? WHEN are they going to see that their own behavior and attitudes are adding to the problem?

Hannah on 10:07 AM said...

I don't know Waneta. I think when people start viewing this as the crime it is, instead of 'they could be both to blame' or 'what happened beforehand to provoke things'.

If people truly STOP to think about what happened to this girl - which I don't think they do - they would realize how completely insane they sound.

Think about it. He bit her. He choked her. He beat her to a pulp. If he was defending himself physically against a criminal? Maybe. He did it due to his mindset over things that happened that night. Its sad how some men feel its okay to have such a huge sense of lack of self control.

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