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Waneta Dawn and her Award Winning Book "Behind the Hedge"

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domestic violence

Waneta Dawn got a really NICE write up in the Kalona News this last week about her book, "Behind the Hedge". It also announced her awards that she was given for her peice of literature!

Google has a really nice introduction into "Behind the Hedge" that you can check out for yourself! You can read a portion of the book, and then I know you will want to buy it for yourself to see how the story ends UP!

The newspaper story describes the two awards that Waneta Dawn was awarded for her book "Behind the Hedge".

Kalona author Waneta Dawn's "Behind the Hedge" was named first runner-up in the 2008 Xulon Christian Choice Book Awards, a contest that awarded certificates and prize money to 66 Christian authors for outstanding literary achievement in 22 categories.

Dawn's novel also was awarded the top honor in the Christian Fiction division. "Behind the Hedge"

Each of these books was selected by the judges to be highlighted in this shortlist of favorites. The contest, which was open to all self-published authors who released a Christian book in 2007-2008, received a record 407 entrants in a variety of categories that ranged from Christian living to poetry.

domestic violence Its so awesome that a book regarding domestic violence within the christian home is actually getting some NICE attention! You can get her book "Behind the Hedge" at Amazon or your local bookstore.

Behind the Hedge Description:

Yearning for a warm and loving marriage, Yvette works hard as a housewife and on their Iowa dairy farm to satisfy her husband, Luke, and tries to motivate him to be a loving and caring husband and father. But hidden behind his charming public facade, Luke is critical and demands more submission. With the help of her friend, Delores, Yvette grapples with the meaning and application of Biblical submission to her husband, changes how she relates to her husband, and endeavors to correct the misbeliefs of their teenaged sons, Greg and Kyle. Luke indoctrinates his wife and children on the meaning of submission and obedience. But one day he goes too far. Will their marriage survive the storm? Will Luke become the warm and loving husband Yvette craves? Will their daughter, Tanya, learn to trust her father? And will their sons become loving and respectful young men? Waneta Dawn grew up on a dairy farm in Kalona, Iowa, and was raised in the Mennonite faith. She currently lives with her daughter and next door to her mother in Iowa. She has researched domestic violence, particularly dominance through verbal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse for over ten years. For two of those years she used curriculum from Duluth, Minnesota to facilitate the Batterer's Education Program, a men's group, which met one evening a week and operated through the Iowa Department of Corrections. Ms Dawn hopes Behind the Hedge will help heal and strengthen relationships to the glory of God.

Waneta Dawn has website for your review:


Waneta Dawn also has a blog that is available:

Submission Tyranny, in Church and Society

Congratulations Waneta we look forward to watching your continued success!

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