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Broad Brushing? Seriously?!

Posted by Hannah at 6:14 AM

broad brush
I'm not broad brushing, I'm NOT broad brushing....
This is a perfect example of the results of being inconsiderate and broad-brushing and passing judgment on an entire group of people because of the actions of a few.

I can see the objection to having all IFB churches painted with the same broad brush. What I find interesting, though, is that IFB churches are simultaneously claiming “We’re independent of each other; we have nothing to do with *them!*” and “Don’t malign all IFBs.” If we truly are independent of one another, then it shouldn’t be a “black eye” so to speak on all IFB churches when several are caught in this web of abuse and deceit. Those IFB churches who are truly God-fearing should be rejoicing that these things are being brought out into the open and justice is finally being served.
I guess I had a bit of an epiphany last night.  The term, ‘broad-brushing’ came coming to my mind.

I think we may have all seen the defensiveness, and outright anger some are showing over the broad brushing as they claim is happening because a news program pointed out some of the ‘independent’ churches can act cultish.

The two quotes I have shown above are both IFB members, and they have a completely different approaches and views of what is happening to their world’s once the Tina Anderson trial started.

How often have you seen me write about the ‘generalizations’ that are seen in the church?  The boxes that they want people to live in?  The biblical roles that should not be stepped out of?   SOMEONE has to be in charge! type of statements?

You will follow the party line they have in mind for women or you will be labeled that flying purple people eater – the dreaded feminist!

If you can’t grasp that there are firm roles for men and women?  If you believe in equality between the sexes – you buy into the genderless blobs of ‘sameness’.

They have been broad brushing for like what? FOREVER?!

They broad brush what men should be – otherwise they are ‘feminized’.

They broad brush what women should be like – otherwise they are worldly feminists!

If you can’t handle being a follower of complementarism, and rather be egalitarian?  WELL you buy into the men and women being the ‘same’ with no differences.

You can’t appreciate God’s purpose for us, and your emotional response shows how you brought into the worldly view of things……

WHAT no one has seen the ‘broad-brushing’?  (giggles) 

It’s strange how they feel attacked, and broad brushed when this 20/20 program started to speak about Chuck Phelps, Christine Leaf, and of course what happened to Tina Anderson.  How Chuck had a letter sent to 20/20 instead of being interviewed, and it was used – but he wasn’t allowed to give HIS side of things!  How we don’t like to be labeled as a ‘cult’, or ‘cultish’!  How those things don’t happen in MY church!

Its strange how people within certain faith circles make their claim to fame for broad brushing others all the time, and yet get defensive when it is turned around the other way! 

WELL as they see it turned around anyway.  I believe most people have enough common sense to realize not all churches are like the ones you see on the 20/20 program.  Heck it was even noted during the program, but I think their agitation level was to high to see it or hear it.

broad brush

The churches shown on the 20/20 program broad brush all the time.  Organizations like CBMW broad brush all the time.  People that have very rigid ideas on how your faith life needs to be lived at times broad brush if you don’t live up to their expectations.  It honestly reminds me of dirty politics.

I wonder if they will see how they broad brush people all the time, and remember what that feels like in order to learn from that experience!

They are upset over the word, ‘cult’.  Hmm.  Do you ever think they will see the broad strokes they use towards others on a regular basis?  I sure hope so, but unfortunately I doubt I will see it in my lifetime.

Broad Brushing?  Seriously?!  I wonder if they have ever heard the term, 'projection bias'?

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