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Senseless and Complacent - Domestic Violence Laws

Posted by Hannah at 7:36 AM

Denise and Louisa at Christmas

Barbara's Tchatzkahs called my attention to yet another example of a complacent attitude towards victims of attack, and then another senseless attack on another family member. Domestic Violence laws are to protect, and they seem to do the opposite at times. Most of the time domestic violence is a misdemeanor, but when a family member was attacked instead of the partner of domestic violence perp? Its attempted murder - which isn't a misdemeanor. Does that make any sense at all? The xgirlfriend was attacked with a hammer, and was classfied as a misdemeanor. The sister was shot in the face - that wasn't ... it was attempted murder. I don't know about you but if someone came towards me and hurt me with a hammer - I would assume it was kill! WOULDN'T YOU?

BARBARA'S TCHATZKAHS had a post today about a story of a family that has been repeatedly victimize by an abuser. Its strange to me at times HOW people can just take this so lightly! Its ALL over the place as well!

Alegre's Corner is also chiming in!

Free Us Now Mentions:

When a woman is savaged attacked with a hammer in her own home, she is not “battered”. She is the victim of ATTEMPTED MURDER. When another family member is shot by this man it is ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Can you imagine? Someone takes a hammer to attack you with, and the laws called that being battered and your attacker? He gets 3 months in jail! NOW if that same man comes back after being in jail, and shoots your sister in the face - WELL that's DIFFERENT! Its attempted murder!

The Confluence started her first sentence by saying:

The trials of Job are not limited to biblical sheepherders.

Then continues later:

Domestic violence is a sensitive subject for many people. I don’t know why it should be. You shouldn’t be allowed to commit violent acts against another human being no matter what degree of relationship exists but violence is often tolerated in marital situations. Still, it is imcomprehensible that an attacker would be allowed to roam free after he heartlessly attacked a cancer patient with a hammer. That this man had the ability to shoot her sister with a shotgun is simply unbelievable. Where were the local police? The New Jersey justice system? How can targets of domestic violence sleep easily if their predators are not actually restrained? The attackers in instances such as these seem to be operating with a single minded obsession, as if they are determined to remove a weed from their garden. It’s irrational anger projected onto a hapless target. If the crazy worldview of the attacker can’t be changed, the attacker himself needs to be locked up.

Sensitive nature seems to be correct. I just don't get it. Attempted murder means an attack that could have taken the life of another human being. Is the hammer not good enough? Betty Jean Kling now has both of her daugther's fighting for their lifes.

Free Us Now is wishing to draw attention to this, and wants to start a Louisa Law! I have agree! Just because a man, woman or child has known or been in any kind of relationship with someone that attacks like this shouldn't be handed a misdemeanor under the guise of Domestic Violence. They are mininizing the worth of human life! I mean what are these laws trying to say? Its less senseless to attack someone you know in this fashion than a stranger? To me both are senseless, and to me handing a misdemeanor charge is enabling it to happen again. My prayers are with this family!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks H for posting this!!

Mara Reid on 9:24 AM said...

Another good post, Hannah.
Keep them coming.

I'm wondering if the reason things have been so complacent is that the noisy wheel gets the grease and women often just suck things up or don't push hard enough.

Probably not. Because when women do push for justice it seems so easy for most to nearly all men and all women not affected by domestic violence to just say, "Stupid B-. I wish she'd shut up. She probably brought it on herself."

That's why it is best to make the most of these situations, push them into peoples faces until they acknowledge that it is past time for something to be done.

This complacent attitude is most likely left over from the time when women were considered property and men were lords of their manor, kings of their homes.

FreeMeNow on 9:45 AM said...

Please do not let this story die! Please - I want this senseless act on my daughters to help save other daughters. Help Me!

FreeMeNow on 9:54 AM said...

Hannah on 2:44 PM said...

The entitlment in his voice, "That sucks"? to the judge when he was told he had to stay away?

They need to throw away the key with this guy!

My prayers are with your family!

Hannah on 2:46 PM said...

Mara: I'm sure its a combination of items.

Denial, Fear, lack of education, etc.

It seems common sense can't be used at all, because we have 'laws'. People need to see if these 'laws' are working! They clearly are NOT in alot of cases!

Hannah on 2:47 PM said...

Thank you for calling it to my attention Barbara!

FreeMeNow on 2:54 PM said...

This is the face of unimaginable pain when he had the nerve to say "that sucks"

My two daughters lie between life and death and he thinks not being able to see his wife for Christmas sucks!

Hannah on 5:47 PM said...

I'm so sorry for what you are dealing with. They need to make this national news!

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