Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jesus Heals Abuse

Posted by Hannah at 8:51 PM

I wanted to call people's attention to a woman I know that has been working with abuse victims online. Her site is called, "Jesus Heals Abuse". I have known Minister Jacky Hughes for a number of years, and she has a big heart for the Lord. She is from the UK, and if you enjoy listening to podcasts Here is Jacky Hughes Message of Love about her site.

There is also a rather new board that was created in which as a spiritual section to it, and Minister Jacky Hughes posts there as well. Its Called, "Our Place" Keep in mind at this point the board is rather new, but it does have alot of regulars. As this section is noticed the traffic will increase as it was just added on as a new portion.

If you are interested in Minister Jacky Hughes Story that is available, along with a devotional for the abused that seems very popular!

Minister Jacky Hughes has done alot of good online, and she also works offline with people as well. YES She is an ordained minister - at least I think that is what they call it in the UK as well. I remember her going to school some years ago, and we were all thrilled for her when she finished!

Jesus Heals abuse is a nice resource, and if you feel the need to chat with a minister directly I know she would be open to that as well! If you know of other places that this resource could be spread around - it would be appreciated I'm sure!

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