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Men Women Domestic Violence

Posted by Hannah at 7:16 PM

In Middletown, T-shirts tell the stories of the abused.

See the link above to read the entire story! The picture showed to me a reminder of how this issue can effect generation to generation, and this is another portion I feel the church doesn't realize - or believes - and helps to render the growth and healing of all involved. How their opinions on how spouses should stay DOES effect the children, and they helped allow the cycle to continue in their children's lifes as well.

I felt this was a truly healing story, and I wanted to post about it. At the very end it speaks of a man trying to get a group together for men as well. How he volunteers because the effect of a coworker that couldn't come to work due to being beatup the night before.

New Horizons hosted the exhibit as a way to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence and its young victims - many of whom are children. October, if you didn't know it, is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

These T-shirts were created by survivors of domestic violence, both adults and children. Their messages provide me with a tiny, but poignant glimpse into the lives of those who have been abused.

"I miss my cats", "Mami, why don't you love me?", "I no longer live in misery, I'm free at last" are just a few of the messages displayed on the shirts. Another gave a short chronological history of one family's generational battle with domestic violence.

"It was very helpful," a young survivor of domestic violence told me, of the shirt she made.

This girl, who looked no more than 20, came to the exhibit with a friend who was pushing a smiling baby boy in a stroller. Both women said they are doing pretty good now that they are away from their abusers.

They'd be doing better if they could get jobs and a better place to live though.

"New Horizons, they help me with everything I need - shoes, clothes for the baby," the woman told me. "They helped me find a doctor, a psychologist and are helping me find housing."

Peter Spinner, the lone male volunteer for New Horizions, said he is trying to get a men's domestic violence group started. But it's hard, because men don't always feel comfortable coming forward to get help - these are the abused, not the abusers - although the abusers need help too.

Instead, Peter goes to them. When their domestic violence court cases come up, he approaches them and offers information on counseling and other services - maybe that group will come together some day?

"I got involved, because it's just an isse that makes me sick to my stomach," said Peter, who really started thinking about volunteering after a co-worker of his couldn't come to work one day after the beating she had recieved from a boyfriend.

To find out more about New Horizons programs or to volunteer, call 860-344-9599 - or if you are being abused by your partner, please call the Domestic Violence hotline at 888-774-2900.

Men Women Domestic it effects all of us.

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