Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Emotionally Destructive Relationship

Posted by Hannah at 8:37 PM

Leslie Vernick speaks on this program about 'The Emotionally Destructive Relationship'. I thought it was a very good discussion, and spoke about how we need to realize how we could be an enabler at times. Some people do take offense to that, but as I look back at my own life I was almost molded into that role. Heck I remember early on wondering if maybe I took being LADY LIKE to a harmful level! I mean people were encouraging me to be MORE so, and I felt I did that (giggles) I even remember trying to be Marsha Brady at one time just trying to fit into the mold of what would make things work! Okay! Maybe not funny, but I have to giggle at myself when I remember that part! The sad part is the extremes I went to, and the lies that were told to me! NOT ONCE could the possibility be MAYBE it wasn't ME to the extreme it was being stated. That's the part I think some of the simplistic advice givers don't realize! This two to tango deal when I was breaking under the pressure of being what was called of me! I heard that statement, and I felt helpless.

I could understand it after a while, and I was able to make changes within myself to make a big impact on my own life. Don't take it as a negative - take it as the light just went on now HOW do I change this so I can better my life! When you are dealing with domestic violence within your marriage, and see the TRUE role you had within it - NOT what others think you should be looking at it makes all the difference in the world! To me there is no shame in this - it just IS!

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I hope you find this video about the Emotionally Destructive Relationship helpful!

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