Monday, October 20, 2008

Forgotten Victims of Domestic Violence - the Children

Posted by Hannah at 12:07 PM

As I read people of faith's reactions to those spouses that speak of domestic violence I have to wonder if they remember the what I feel is the forgotten victims of domestic violence...the children.

Ward of Court wrote a post recently, and I wonder at times if people that enable abusers stop to think about the children - and how this impacts their lifes greatly as well. It seems the author of this blog lost both her parents one night. Her mother was killed, and her father landed in prision.

This is the reason why I write about my mom. I want her example to shine brightly and help others being victimized by Domestic Violence. Although her murderer, my father, is about to leave prison with a whole life ahead of him, he hasn’t left behind a legacy. His life in my opinion is empty, wasted. My mother, although dead, will still live on as her example helps others. This will be her legacy – A legacy of self-discovery, self-love and resurrection. For many leaving an abusive insignificant other, the road ahead is a long, bumpy one that doesn’t seem to have an end. Many will become homeless, living in shelters as a result of escaping. But just compare your life before, living in utter anguish, walking on egg shells, afraid to breathe too hard for fear of setting off the abuser, to your life now, living in shelters, but protected and cared for and safe. I always say it’s better to live in a shack with someone you love than in a lavish mansion with someone you don’t love. The lover in this case is you. If we love ourselves, we will we do whatever it takes to preserve our quality of life and the lives of our children if there are any involved. So tonight, as every night, I will be remembering my mom whose life was cut short at the age of 49. If she was 79, it still would have been too short.

I would urge the church to listen to this young poster, and I for one pray for her and her family. What an awesome memorial for her mother!

People need to remember the forgotten victims of domestic violence - the children!

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