Friday, October 24, 2008

Domestic Violence Ads with children - I guess the truth hurts!

Posted by Hannah at 7:13 PM

Dallas Domestic Violence Center has ads that have children in them.

FamilyPlace.Org placed some ads on the sides of buses within the Dallas area. You can click the link to see a news story about people's reactions to them.

I'm sure for some these are over the top, but the truth hurts at times.

I hope it does offend personally. Its reality....I would ask them, 'What do you plan to do about it?'

Children - no matter what the gender in the family that does the offending - do follow in their parents footsteps.

The truth hurts! YEP I went off my beaten path today!

Associated Press:

Associated Press - October 23, 2008 3:35 PM ET

DALLAS (AP) - A domestic violence shelter's new awareness campaign features ads on Dallas buses showing children -- and captions such as, "One day my husband will kill me."

The ads appear on and inside several Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses.

The executive director of The Family Place, Paige Flink says the ads are designed to shock people.

She told The Dallas Morning News that children are greatly affected by family violence, even though people think it's a man and a woman fighting.

One ad features a smiling young girl who's wearing a tiara next to the "One day my husband will kill me" caption.

Another features a boy, and says: "When I grow up, I will beat my wife."

The ads have prompted a few complaints. Two billboard companies refused to accept them.

The ads started running Oct. 1 and will appear through November.

Domestic Violence Ads with Children - The Truth hurts is what I say to the world!

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Esmirna Garcia on 4:39 PM said...

Hi my name is Esmirna Garcia. Im from the University Of Texas El Paso! Im in the course of English 1311. Im 19 years Old.

i think domestic violence it is a serious problem ! It is true that when a children (female/male) has passed through that situation of domestic violence not only affect his childhood but it may stays in his/her life for ever to the fact of doing the same to their own children even though they have passed through that!
domestic violence has a lot to do with physichological problems through their childhood and later on when they are older

it is really important to be alert!

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