Friday, October 31, 2008

Behind Closed Doors

Posted by Hannah at 3:55 PM

First Baptist Wilson posted a sermon on domestic violence.

Its called behind closed doors....its worth the read!

Thank you First Baptist Wilson for your inspiring sermon on domestic abuse!

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2 comments: on 2:23 AM said...

I'm glad some pastors are facing up to domestic violence and at least beginning to talk and get educated about it. This pastor seems to "get it." Yet I find that even pastors that seem to get it, sometimes don't entirely. They push the woman to forgive, to reconcile, to move back with her abuser before he has completely changed and before his change has been tested by time and life situations. I've been told by the domestic violence shelter personnel that a woman should wait a MINIMUM of 9 months AFTER her husband has stopped his abusive behaviors and attitudes before she will move back with him. But too many pastors urge her to return as soon as the husband indicates a small willingness to change. She reunites with her abuser, and within 6 months, he has returned to abusing her. Sometimes his abusiveness takes a different form, but he's still dominating and controlling her, the abuse is again escalating, and her life is once again a "hell on earth."

Thanks, Hannah, for all your work on DV! I'd love to get acquainted with you by email. And I'd love to introduce you to my 3 internet author-friends. You can contact me by visiting my website, and also learn about my novel "Behind the Hedge" that depicts a family dealing with pre-violent abuse. I'm told it is a very accurate rendition of the types of control that abusers use behind closed doors (or behind hedges).

Hannah on 10:30 AM said...

I understand what you are saying.

The church is to worried about the "Divorce" factor that could possibly happen. Its like they are so concerned about the stats, and wish to slow that down....but don't wish to DEAL with the reasons behind those stats!

They place a bandaid on something that needs major surgeory, and wonder why its not working.

Would LOVE to speak to you!

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