Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking the Silence - Children's stories of domestic violence! PBS

Posted by Hannah at 11:47 AM

I finally found it. Its a video I had heard about on PBS, and it speaks about the children of domestic violence. I realize domestic violence is a strong term for alot of people, but if you see this documentary you will realize that signs of verbal abuse, and signs of emotional abuse are always present. Its portion of domestic violence that people don't wish to acknowledge.

There have been alot of critics of 'Breaking the Silence - Children's Stories of Domestic Violence'. The parents that lost custody do speak of course, but the children are speaking just as loud. The children that grew up, and were able to see things clearer now. They also see the emotional child abuse, and the verbal child abuse that was used towards them. It talks to the children that were ripped from the parents that cared for them, and how the system at times can work against them. It has children that have finally escaped, and NOT just their parents that wanted custody of them. It shows how backwards the system can be, and how at times people can't see the things they will be fighting for until they get out!

It speaks of sexual abuse, and horrible domestic violence of all realms! Please keep in mind it could trigger some watchers!

I found two links, and I hope that one of them you can play. Its about one hour long.

Breaking The Silence; Children's Stories October 2005 PBS Documentary- (1hr 4 min)This powerful PBS documentary chronicles the impact of domestic violence on children and the recurring failings of family courts across the country to protect them from their abusers. In stark and often poignant interviews, children and battered mothers tell their stories of abuse at home and continued trauma within the courts. The one-hour special also features interviews with domestic violence experts, attorneys and judges who reveal the disturbing frequency in which abusers are winning custody of their children and why these miscarriages of justice continue to occur. This Documentary is a part of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights lawsuit (Dombrowski v US) in conjunct with other National Organizations on behalf of Battered Mothers and Battered Children Nationally. Entire Petition here:

Breaking the Silence: Childrens Stories

I found this video at:

Kansas Mothers For Custodial Justice: What is Fair for Children of Abusive Men? in case the links don't work for you!

Please note: This video is NOT about gender bashing! Its not against MEN in general! There have been alot of very ugly cases in the opposite direction, and I know at times men have a harder time with this. Say thank you to stereotypes!

Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Sexual Abuse and the rest are the enemy.... no gender is immune!

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Mara Reid on 8:37 PM said...

I finally watched this.
Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.
Since I work for social sevices, I'm aware of judges and lawyers who don't do their homework, who don't even talk to the children so I know this is true. But I also know there are very good and concerned people out there. Too bad for so many, it's just the luck of the draw, whether they will get justice or not.

Wonderful blog, hannah. Wonderful post as always. I'm so glad that other people are going back and reading posts from previous years like I am. Such a treasure of information, videos, and links. Keep up the good work.

Hannah on 7:57 AM said...

Thank you for your note Mara. Its appreciated!

I do think if education was required alot of men, women and children would be helped. Its such a shame that people's lifes are being torn apart, and all you can do is sit back and support them the best you can. It seems no logic is behind some of these cases.

I got a note from a man recently in which this type of thing happened to him, but in the opposite direction. FINALLY after 3 years he has the children living with him. I hear from him from time to time since his journey started, so I know the system can be just a ignorant the other way.

There is alot of VERY supportive people, and organizations. I pray for them, because I can't imagine the burnout for them at times as well. I'm sure you have also felt that being in the work you are in.

My prayers are with you as well.

dlasseur on 12:35 PM said...

Thank you for this. Please contact me if you are looking for copies of the film. And no it is not a piece intended to malign fathers. Only abusers.

Thank you.


Dominique Lasseur

Unknown on 4:10 AM said...


you were the wind beneath my wings today hon. ty
Thank you for ur blog and all you and so many others do!~

I am humbled yet encouraged by people like you, Blogs like urs, and- well- never ever -not ever give up ehh??

claudine dombrowski

Hannah on 8:13 AM said...


Thank you for your kind words! LOL you must have read my mind! I was following up on some items today, and got very frustrated! Giving up wasn't on the list, but maybe taking a break! The timing of your message was like WOW!

You also have an awesome resource! KEEP IT UP!

Unknown on 3:15 AM said...

Here we are, incest not only alleged, but in the child's own hand writing in a picture in which she writes of the deeds done to her and the person who did the deeds. A judge who willingfully looks the other way and seals the file on incest. This judge openly stated on the record (I have a copy of the transcript in open court) that she had attended Lundy Bancroft's workshop for judges and yet she acts in a contemputous fashion. I did file a complaint with every office including but not limited to the Council on Judicial Review (what a joke these are her peers and peers do not give up the goods on a fellow judge/attorney) to the arena of politicians all the way to the United States President. The State Patrol for kidnapping charges state and federal to no avail. My daughter (not his biologically and so indicated byhis own hand writing in documents he wrote and filed in the court)"Sharayah is not daughter, ______ is". If this was not insult to injury I'll share what our support network, i.e. the domestic violence network of Alaska, Southeat to be specific, the SAVF House director assisted my ex-husband in lending her knowledge in assisting him with all of the buzz words and forms/pleadings to oppose and gain custody of my baby girl... She is now a corupt child facing 3 counts of felony charges and the damned probation officer will not listen to the truth. You'd think he would know this modus operandum from having experienced the genuinely interested parent and the disconnected parent/gaurdian who asserts NO SUPERVISON in addition to all of the other violations these children fall prey to.

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