Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Domestic Violence Victim is Told to NOT divorce on RADIO!

Posted by Hannah at 10:17 AM

Abstract-Ellie wrote about a call regarding a women whom experienced a beating from husband per the advice given on Family Radio. I guess the victim alone needs counseling in cases of domestic violence!

Pastor: Ok, let's have the next caller

Caller: Hi Pastor, my sister called you about 6 months ago about some of your tracts she was handing out at her church, and how her husband didn't approve?

P: OK, and what can I do for you today?

C: Well, you said she should hand out the tracts and then let her husband discipline her later.


C: Well, he disciplined her pretty hard. Gave her a couple of breaks and stuff. My question to you is, does she have to to go back to him after what's happened?

P: (long pause) Well, uh, one thing I should say is... this abuse.... uh... don't think of it as justification for a divorce, God tells us how no matter what, divorce should never even be thought of as an option, so please please, don't even think about that.. Now, maybe your sister might be able to find some counselling that would help, and perhaps even be estranged from her husband for a while until things calm down a little; but never... never... consider divorce. Thank you for calling today, let's have our next caller

Can we say denial? YIKES! God wishes people to get healing, and that also includes abusers. Victims of emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse or ANY form of domestic violence are NOT called to return after a 'cooling off period'.

Going back doesn't heal them - God can but it will have to be with agreement and effort on behave of the abuser. True repentance of their wrongs. That's doesn't mean half baked excuses like, "I told you I was sorry can we drop it now? We don't need to talk about this anymore!" type of responses!

Beanerywriters had a very telling poem on behalf of abused children. It a poem of domestic violence towards the child. It speaks volumes of the effects of verbal abuse of a child, and effects of emotional abuse of a child. Granted the poem speaks of both parents abusing the child, but the message is the same at times even with just one abusing. Abuse effects children even when they are NOT the direct victim!

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The poem/song below was written by Linda, who experienced soul-deep abuse from her parents during her childhood. It is posted with her permission. —Carolyn

I’m a well-adjusted child,
But things weren’t always this good.
When Mommy would beat me,
And Daddy would abuse me,
I loved them the best that I could.

(Verse 1)
Now I know that there’s others just like me,
Who think that no one is there.
I want to help,
Please, God help me help them,
Simply because I care.

(Verse 2)
Now I know how it hurts deep inside,
And the pain is too hard to bear.
As I fall to my knees,
Dear God, hear my pleas,
Let’s let them know that we care.

(Verse 3)
If you see a child who is hurting,
Don’t turn you heart away.
Give him your love,
And ask God above,
To save him before it’s too late.

The church needs to show that they hear victims of domestic violence. They need to HEAR the effects of verbal and emotional abuse! They need to hear they must take action! God does hear, and I don't think he likes the church's reaction. I wanted to give examples of ignorance, and how people are silenced. AND how some people WANT to hear!

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Mara Reid on 2:44 PM said...



Is she a child?

Is she a slave?

Does he own her?

Someone needs to get ahold of that radio pastor and discipline him for his low opinion and blatant disrespect toward women.

Discipline her later...

No wonder women are leaving some churches. Whatever church that holds that attitude, that church is completely UNSAFE for women.

Hannah on 3:57 PM said...

I know. Its insane isn't it?

Major YUCK!

This type of attitude encourages domestic violence!

J. Davidson on 6:43 AM said...

When I read comments like that pastor said it almost makes me ashamed to be male.

Hannah on 1:57 PM said...

The ignornace isn't just a male factor...believe me!

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