Thursday, July 10, 2008

Untouchables - Sermon on Domestic Violence or Domestic Abuse

Posted by Hannah at 9:16 AM

Pastor does a sermon on domestic abuse.

Kirk Peters of Will Street Church in Maroubra Australia did a sermon on domestic violence or domestic abuse.

He speaks of scripture that is used as examples of victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence, and how they are misapplied. How the because of the true nature of domestic abuse or domestic violence they victims rarely speak up, but within the last 30 years people are starting to speak for them.

How he feels that the stats are just the tip of iceberg due to the silence. How hitting is just a small portion, and how its much bigger than that.

He starts in Genesis and continues to the worse case of domestic violence in the bible, and that would be killing of Jesus Christ.

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Jaden's Mom on 10:13 AM said...

I left my abuser in May of this year, shortly after learning I am pregnant. I am blessed in that I did get a lot of support from a handful of people in my church. Still, there is the overwhelming idea that a woman who is being battered needs to stay and pray for her husband, be faithful to her marriage vows by not divorcing him, and expect God to honor her actions by ending the abuse. There is a deplorable and disheartening lack of understanding of the nature of abuse within the church, and it enables batterers to batter.

Hannah on 2:20 PM said...

I agree with you! It does enable abuse to continue.

lol love your screen name!

Feathers on 3:01 PM said...

Well after what i have just read, thank goodness the church or someone has wrote about domestic violence for women who have their faith.

Have linked to yourselves, hope you do not mind, my only aim is to perhaps point women who do believe, are part of the church, to your blog and receive some information help for them.

Hannah on 4:22 PM said...

Thank you Feathers! It's honor to have you link to use for a resource!

Feathers on 8:20 PM said...

That is very kind :) have put you under favourites also, just in case anybody abused and has faith, can come and receive support by reading your blog.

Was part of the church once over :) some articles they are very good, ideal and touch many areas relevant to someone in the church especially what they may be experiencing. There is a lack of understanding in the church of abuse, dealing with it, your blog reverses that.

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