Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Color Purple

Posted by Hannah at 6:32 PM

This story is of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and of course emotional and verbal abuse. I'm sure there are other threads within this story, and I know its a story of domestic violence that people would like to forget.

I watched this and you can see the generations of how domestic violence and emotional abuse just continued. I'm sure its to ugly to show in some churches, but it shows the reality of life that isn't so pretty to look at. The husband of the main character was victim himself, and it showed how his son tried to continue the cycle once again.

It is a story of faith as well. It may not be the modern day story, but its the reality of alot of people's lifes. THEN and now! To me it also shows the baby steps that everyone makes towards a difference.

The color purple is a story that has alot of forms of domestic violence. Every form including the theme here....emotional abuse.

This movie is off site and you will need DivX Web Player to watch it. They do make that program for Mac and PC computers. It gives the movie a neat effect. It darkens the whole screen, except for the movie itself. lol MOVIE theater effect I guess! If you don't feel safe doing so on the movie page? Here is DIVX site. You are looking for the video download.

Click Here for movie

At the end it sense of hope. God can change our lifes around, and God will hand us things in his time. The character's children grew up with no domestic violence within their family, and met their mother and history will change for all. Funny how God can do that at times Huh?

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