Friday, July 11, 2008

Boise Officer Tries to make a Difference! Another blogger calling officer's out!

Posted by Hannah at 10:39 AM

domestic violence police
The Olympian had a story about: A Boise police detective, in an effort to prevent domestic violence, has organized patrol teams of uniformed officers to stop by the homes of victims to see if everything is OK.

"We want to keep it fresh in their minds we are here to help," Matt Brechwald told the Idaho Statesman. "Domestic violence is unique in that the offender typically doesn't leave the victim's life. As long as the offender is around, law enforcement needs to be around."

On Sunday, eight teams of two officers each visited the homes of 11 victims. Earlier this year, Brechwald and a uniformed officer checked on eight victims, arresting one man who was violating a no-contact order.

Brechwald said he plans to continue the visits.

For the past 18 months, Brechwald's job has been to investigate domestic violence cases for the police department's Special Victims Unit.

He works out of the Family Advocacy Center and Education Services. There, victims of child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence can talk to a detective, get medical assistance if needed, find out about local shelters and other services, and get information about legal aid.

Brechwald trains patrol officers on domestic violence trends, and speaks to various groups about domestic violence.

He also pushes for local changes when he sees good ideas working elsewhere. One he likes is the Oklahoma City Police Department's ability to issue an emergency protection order at any time of night instead of having to wait for a judge the next morning.

"(Police in) about 11 different states can do that," he said. "This is something I am a big proponent of. It would take a legislative change."

Jan Bennetts, an Ada County deputy prosecutor in charge of the domestic violence unit, said the prosecutor's office has opened between 170 and 180 felony domestic violence cases a year during the past four years.

She said that's a jump of about 50 cases from 2003, when the Legislature made attempted strangulation a felony.

Steve Rutherford, chief deputy in the Boise city attorney's office, said the number of misdemeanor domestic violence-related cases - anything from battery to stalking to violation of a protection order - fluctuates between 500 and 600 a year.

Giving By Design had an post where he spoke about a police officer's take on 'domestic violence calls'! The blogger showed how the officer that wrote the article clearly has no idea what they are truly dealing with. Its quite the opposite of what the above officer is trying to accomplish.

The blogger ended with this paragraph:

Perhaps if the author really doesn't want to continue to be called out to the same locations time and time again, he/she ought to lobby for better victim's resources, more law enforcement training, or more effective domestic violence legislation rather than jumping on the victim-blaming apologist's bandwagon.

GOOD For HIM! It shows the ignorance of domestic violence that we often find whether within the church, or outside the walls of the church. I found the article he was speaking about very insulting to say the least. Bless both of these parties of opening their eyes, and seeing the truth that was placed before them about domestic abuse.

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jeleasure on 6:30 PM said...

Good job.
I experienced abuse as a child and teen ager. I did not know where to go. The police in my town were all friendly with my family. It was a small town. And my mother dated an officer. So, I was just told to go home.

Hannah on 7:20 AM said...

That's terrible! I'm so sorry!

I think I would ask people to try the state police next. That's just not right.

Anonymous said...

A good link for victims of police abuse:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barbara!

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