Monday, July 14, 2008

Perfect Example of Narcissism

Posted by Hannah at 9:56 AM

This man makes me sick to listen to his ME ME ME attitude of pure Narcissism! Gale Warnings posted this audio, and has more information about these messages on the blog.

You change the situation around a bit, and it sounds like some preachers I have heard about! I found a list called the Narcissiam checklist for pastors, but I think it applies in other areas of our lifes as well!

I thought it was a perfect example of Narcissism! What do you think?

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Jeannette Altes on 2:31 AM said...


I listened to this through Stormchild's site. Classic. Unbelievable. And scary that some might not pick up the warning signs soon enough... this is a controlling abuser, no mistaking the tone. Classic narcissist.

Jeannette Altes on 2:36 AM said...

Hmm... went to the narcissism checklist for pastors/ My ex-pastor is batting almost a thousand. *Sigh*

Hannah on 8:03 AM said...

Yes - those phone messages are downright spooky! I can't believe someone would have the nerve to say something that like!

Anonymous said...

Spooky is the right word for those messages, they gave me chills... I have personal experience of a narcissist, right now I am still trying to make my relationship work, but its difficult… if you want you can read more about my experiences from here:

That is my personal diary of my relationship with a narcissist. Hope it can be helpful for others in similar situation… Sometimes it makes us see things more clearly when we hear stories of others.

Anonymous said...

my ex never left me any of these kind of messages, but he STILL was/is a classic narcissist, don't be fooled; they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, ways.

Hannah on 5:36 PM said...

They do come in all shapes and sizes - very true!

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