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Confusion of Gender Roles

Posted by Hannah at 7:00 AM

I guess I'm not one that appreciate this 'confusion of the gender roles' theory.  I'm NOT going to tell you that there are NOT those that are, but the way you read today?  You would think its the majority.  When I hear about confusion of gender I think of other things besides some theory of what a man should do, and what a woman should do ONLY!

With the economy today, and the way the church preaches the man's income stream as their role as provider?  To me that is what causes one issue of confusion for them, and for the others that buy into this junk. The church tends to attach dollar signs as a major factor of providing for his family, and with today's layoffs, etc?  Their push may make some men wonder about their worth today.  How sad is that?  There is so much more to man of faith in the realm of providing, and the doctrine is what caused the confusion.

We tend to attach this to much to the definition for men, and how confusing it much be for them today.  They still are men of God, but I have to wonder if they have problems owing the reality of that with today's economy.  To me?  I know who started that confusion!  It certainly wasn't the feminists as you hear all the time!

My heart truly aches today for those men that brought into this theory, and I wonder WHEN the message will come out that there is so much more to it than that!

I have seen men in my life that are awesome examples of Godly men!  What I don't see is them being used as examples to others.  Its truly sad!

They use the radical feminist - you know the 'man haters' as the examples of what NOT to be instead.  They use some doctrine of hate as a fall guy, and their puffing up of one area (income) now is going to come and bite them!  Money doesn't make the man - sorry!

Those Godly men I speak of are a great source of encouragement for example.  They are ones that will step up and do for those in need, and Praise the Lord that God gave them the resources for them to be able to provide!  They aren't self centered, and don't have to tout their role within the family.  Their concentration is on others, and what God is asking of them.  He listens to the Holy Spirit move him.  He makes his family and those around him feel special, and valued.  That is more important to him than this silliness about how he is 'wired'.  You know what a man such as this does?  He encourages others to serve as well, and he is seen as an honorable and loving man.  He leads them by example to be obedient not to him, but to God.

When we place these other values out there that don't honor God - to me that is where the confusion stems from!   We place to much value on income and jobs alone!  WHO should have them, and for what reason.

I worry today about the men in church that have bought into how their jobs, income, etc is their primary source of being a man of God.  I'm NOT going to tell you income isn't important today, because we all know it is necessary.  I have seen men be almost stripped of their joy of life due to this concentration of 'income' to show their true worth of their biblical role.

With today's economy some wives have had to go to work after their husband's have been laid off, or their companies have closed.  The wife was offered an opportunity to bring income into the home, and the man's sense of self worth went right into the toilet.  The man takes this as a jab to their manhood.  What message are we sending them?

Their worth on this earth, and to God is MUCH more than that!  Tell me again - where is the confusion coming from?

We have placed so much effort into income, and if wives do this they are trying to 'bring home the bacon' and 'trying to wear the pants in the family'.  Those doctrines sadly are going to bite the church in the butt now.  Why?  Those are LIES, because income doesn't show worth in manhood.  We have such a short sighted view when we attach such HUGE value to his job, and we deflate those men when the economy goes down the tubes.

To me?  Its these stupid doctrines you hear that causes confusion.  There is so much more to providing, and when we place so much concentration on WHOM is to bring home the bacon?  WHOM is to make more money?  WHOM is to strive for success?  The money or bacon doesn't make a man of God, and yet the messages we hear teaches us just the opposite.  It works when jobs are plenty, but what about when they aren't?  Confusion maybe?  Hmm.

We hear that if a woman makes to much money, or has a better career, etc she is buying into this feminist theory.  You have to wonder how a man feels now if she is the only one that has job due to economy.  All those theories are going to create hate and resentment even more now.  Why?  She a WOMEN is a provider and he ISN'T anymore!  Damn the feminists!  The church seems to completely miss the point of what a Godly man is, and he is still a Godly man EVEN if he losing his job!

He SHOULD know that of course, but this PUSH for the stereotypes are going to make alot of men and women DOUBT.  They drank the koolaid, and it turns out to be very bitter water instead. Do you think that might start some real confusion now?

Its hard at times to rely on God in times such as this, and yet this what we are asked to do.  I'm sure instead you will hear rantings if the women would have just stayed at home where they belong MORE jobs would be available for the providing men!  Lets not go near how their focus was so completely off to begin with!   Lets not go near their lack of faith that God will provide for his needs, and those needs of his family as he (God - not man) sees fit!

To me the church has downgraded the worth men, and blamed other sources for their own error.  This has gone on forever it seems. I pray that the men out there realize INCOME doesn't make them a provider!  Being a provider is so much more important than money!  You are not 'less than' because others threw the economy into a tailspin.

Dealing with the economy is hard enough for everyone, and yet it seems today the sense of men's worth is going to take a huge HIT due to some silly doctrine people wanted others to buy into hook, line and sinker!  I just hope they concentrate on their relationship with God, and listen to the Holy Spirit move them in the direction that God wishes.  That is where they will find their true sense of worth.

Confusion of gender roles didn't cause the economy to go into the dumps, and your job and income doesn't make the man.  Jesus was born and lived with humble beginnings, and in that time all family members contributed to the household.  There was no confusion back then about it.  Why do jobs bring so much confusion today?  You provide for your family outside the income stream!  I hope you find the joy in that, because I know God would wish that for you.

I truly believe that the theories, doctrines, stereotypes, and the rant about the confusion of gender roles at times?  Makes it much harder for people to own their worth in the eyes of God, and if they could just own that?  How much better off we would all be!  Pray for the ones that are truly are confused about their gender, and those that have lost the worldly provisions of income concentrate on allowing God to show how you DO provide in so many other ways.  There is no gender confusion about this fact.  Your worth to your family and to your God has no barring on your income!

I pray that you lose your confusion over this very important fact!  The economy didn't take away your role of provider.  Its so much more than income, and income isn't a trait.  There are more important ones that will carry you and family on God's path for you all.  Find them and your will lose the confusion - and find your true worth in the eyes of the Lord!

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