Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cardboard Stories of Hope

Posted by Hannah at 7:18 PM

I was looking through my resource links, and I came across this video on

Cardboard Stories from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

Everyone need a good reminder from time to time!

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JaneDoeThreads on 11:14 AM said...

Anyone who knows me KNOWS I Strongly advocate against all violence towards women and that I am a Vocal Feminist. But there is one thing that Really bothers me about this clipping [media], and I must say it. For starters, in this country its Innocent until proven Guilty [or should be], so on That premise, I do not support the Photos and Names of individuals UNLESS all charges have been PROVEN FIRST. As for now, this is hearsay, obviously there were police called and so forth but the way the story is told here, unless there is a history [proven-documented] and so forth, and NOT to say that the story isn't true--but Until its Proving and Known, I don't think the media Should be plastering photos and me its like plastering photos and names of Rape Victims. Because WHAT IF, this man, is Innocent, WHAT IF, it was simply a fight? WE don't know AND we know the media is all to quick to paint Christians in a bad light--NOW I KNOW we do not want to Diminish or Trivialize or Ignore Domestic Violence/Abuse in the Church and when there is Court proof and Evidence that is ONE thing--but I DO BELIEVE, that we need to be VERY, VERY CAREFUL, in that we are Fair [Justice] and ETHICAL when confronting Violence and that we Don't fall into the snare of becoming a type of lynch mob. I also find it interesting that I read a lot of charges filed against White people, same types, but never any Photos [rarely] but when its Black Men, they plaster photos all over the place.

That is just wrong, and we must remember, in many states still, there is a Strong Racial Bias in HOW cases ARE Prosecuted. Any who Read my blog KNOW I am in NO WAY a sympathizer to those who beat/harm/abuse Women, but at the Same time, I do believe we just need to be Careful, in HOW we go about, working towards Justice. WE do NOT want to Pervert Justice, that is Why we have the Legal [flawed and patriarchal as it is ladies] System that we do. Pursue Justice, Yes, but lets be Careful, in HOW we Pursue Justice, and remember, always with Mercy. Our goal is to End Violence and Fundamentalisms, to Expose yes, but lets be Wary that we do NOT become,

what we hate.

Love, Solidarity, Jane

JaneDoeThreads on 11:44 AM said...

The above comment Hannah was in regards to the pastor charged with domestic violence/and his photo. My hesitation is NOT over the fact that we are confronting and 'exposing' violence, against women, That needs to be done, and honestly so. [I do not believe in covering sin to put some pretense picture of the Church or anyone-but we must never forget to do so with mercy and right-justice].

My complaint is more about HOW we go about justice, particularly with the media--which is all about sensationalizing anyway. These are tricky waters, if you know what I mean, on one hand we want to be assertive and firm about Zero Tolerance to violence, in all its forms,

on the other, we just need to be careful that we do not fall in the ways of the world, per se. Easier said than done, believe me I know, spent years in revolutionary type of polemics--and I do understand on an intimate level of the despair and Injustice that is allowed to go on with Impunity and how it drives reaction and action.

So, taking those experiences and I still combat those, I also know the poison, the inner poison they can leave, it really is a very fine line--very easy to slip and fall over to one side yet we don't want to be fence walkers either on these issues, I am Still working out, HOW to confront injustice, demand justice, without going over into that spiritual abyss. I wish I had 'easy' answers to this, I don't, other than prayer and always remembering, our Lord's mercy. It helps so much in matters of ethics...or how to do so and be ethical. The issue with the media and its been getting worse, is that there is a tendency to expose and claim [or influence] the belief of guilty before any evidence is proven. This in no way means or should mean we don't follow up with investigation or Believing the woman--that has been a double edged sword for women and dealing with violence in a male dominated system/and legal bias.

On the other hand, we can also fall into the snare of 'reactionary' and that actually, is used more against us, especially by anti-women's rights types. Pursue justice, but I am seeing that we need to do so, with a lot of wisdom. Or, we really do become a lynch mob and that plays Right into the hands of misogynists and sexists who will use that to tell the world, that we're just a lot of hysterical and angry women. Its not fair, no, but it is, yes, warfare, and fighting for justice, it in its own way, a warfare, and we know who our enemy is.

Love, Solidarity,


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