Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elephants in the Room - Sermon on Domestic Abuse

Posted by Hannah at 10:30 PM

I found a video tonight as I was browsing. I have to say I was very touched, and at the end tears were coming down my cheeks as I listened to this pastor preach to his church about the sin of domestic violence. He spoke of sexual abuse of children, and domestic violence within the church. He spoke of how scripture is used to keep people within homes where violence is taking place. He spoke of the damaging effects of emotional abuse, and he spoke of how the world (attitudes at times) pretty much sets up the abuse that happens. He spoke of how Jesus would not wish others to stay in danger. He mentioned stories of how the cycle continues. You could hear the spirit and attitude in his voice, and you could HEAR the urgency! He mentions how he feels its the most unreported crime, and the stats are awful as they are. Its about 20 minutes. In the 10 second mark you will notice the audio went out, and you see a lady RUN up and hand him a replacement mic! So its NOT your computer! Just wanted to warn you of their audio issue ahead of time.

I don't know how much longer google will host this video, so I also uploaded it to another location.
How people's lifes would change if they approach this issue like this pastor does!

His name is Rev. Charley Reeb: Pasadena Community Church is a United Methodist Congregation

I hope you enjoy his sermon about the Elephant in the Room - Sermon on abuse.

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Amy on 9:13 PM said...

If only every church had a minister who would be so bold as to preach such an amazingly powerful message, perhaps the abused would find the strength to stand up together and shout NO!
I cried, thank you for sharing this.

Hannah on 11:55 PM said...

I agree Amy! lol and I cried also!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this....truly a blessing. Can you please post where the original link is? I can't get there from Google. Thx

Hannah on 7:49 PM said...


Is the link!

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