Friday, August 01, 2008

I guess the Truth Doesn't SELL! Newspapers really think their readers can't handle it?

Posted by Hannah at 7:19 PM

It amazes me at times the lengths some newspapers will go for the all mighty buck! Episcopal Life was reporting about a day at their Lambeth Conference. They were talking that day about the Violence Against Women, and the silence of domestic violence within the church. The popular press in England decides that we need to take portions of what Bishop Catherine Roskam said at the conference with a nasty little twist. I guess the truth doesn't sell enough newspapers or something. Its pretty sick! They are attempting to say she mentioned that pastors beat their wifes in certain parts of the world, because its morally acceptable there. YEAH! Okay then! They must be deaf and their reading skills must certainly be lacking. I wonder if their supervisors are aware! It makes their newspapers look bad that's for sure!

Over at Simple Massing Priest, and Blogging Regiliously are just two places of many that seem outraged at the lies that the newspapers are trying to convey!

Here is the copy of the flyer that had Bischop Catherine Roshkam's comments about the subject! Lambeth Conference 2008: Bishop Roskam's Blog - updated 7/31 has further comments on what was left out and added to statements of the Bischop.

Episcopal Cafe also goes into some detail. Bischop Greg who was actually at the event mentions the opposite of what the newspapers report as well.

Its amazing that newspapers would rather twist things to get more money than protect people from further harm. Domestic violence within the church needs to be spoken about, and the newspapers instead of reporting truth decide to say it was targeted against certain leaders within the world only. I guess truth doesn't sell. I mean its either that or they can't hear or read Bishop Catherine Roskam's comments. They turn around and write a twisted version of things, and then go to parties within the church they KNOW would be insulted just for the cherry on top. SHAME ON YOU! We know you didn't show them the WHOLE truth, because they wouldn't say what they did targeted towards what you CHOOSE to show them ONLY! You would have got some different responses if you had shown the WHOLE thing, instead of peices of it to change the meaning.

Some comments they received:

"I don't think we see things like that in the church, what she said is far removed from the real picture."

Bishop Paul Yugusuk from Sudan said: "I don't think it's true - the church speaks out against this.

"In the wider community these things still exist but we don't do that as bishops or pastors.

"She is being unfair – she's talking from a general view without any evidence."

The only thing the comments they got show is denial. NO domestic violence and pastors abusing their wifes isn't isolated to certain parts of the world. Its worldwide and their comments do show how far this church have to go in this realm. We hope that the partcipates at the Lambeth Conference listened to Catherine Roskam about the violence against women. I also hope they tell the others what she really said. Goodness knows we can't expect some newspapers to do that.

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