Monday, August 11, 2008

This ministry gets DOMESTIC ABUSE... YEAH GOD!

Posted by Hannah at 6:26 AM

I was doing some reading the other night, and came across a blog (love the theme and pictures by the way) called Lifetime Intimate Portrait. The author spoke about her church's ministry towards domestic violence, and how people might be surprised at whom shows up!

At our church we now have a ministry in place to reach out to women who are dealing with these issues, or who have just come out of a situation. Help is completely confidential. We are committed to protecting these precious women at all costs. Interestingly enough, when the group was started we wondered how many we would have or if anyone in the church would respond. It is sad to report, but the statistics bear out and we have never had a lack of people in our support group ministry who need help along these lines. You might think your church is exempt, but...think again. You would be surprised who would attend a meeting if they could be certain no one would ever know! (We change our meeting times/dates each month to avoid detection and ensure safety of the participants, and the only one who knows the meeting times aside from the group members are myself and our group director. Our other leaders in the church don't know -- even our pastors don't know!)

How is that for getting it huh? WOO HOO! If you leave in Florida she spoke about a couple of programs her church is having soon, and you might want to check out! If you have a minute you might want to go over, and give the nice lady a good TOOT TOOT of Thanks!

Praise the Lord - another one that gets it! Domestic violence in the church - it does happen! We need more ministries like this one don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, check out the upcoming conference about domestic violence and the church:
This is a great organization. I am a survivor and helped found it.

Also see for an amazing website -all free and downloadable for training pastors!It is great for surviors & victims, too!

These would great links to your own webpages.

Hannah on 1:22 PM said...

It is a very good program I agree! I spoke about the rave project as well in the past when it came out!

lol Wish I could go to that program! You have some awesome speakers lined up!

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