Thursday, May 15, 2008

Burning Bed - Story of Domestic violence!

Posted by Hannah at 10:29 AM

Burning Bed was a movie that started to wake people up when it came to matters of domestic violence. Its a story of a women that tried to escape many times, and was failed by the system, family and was left with no real support system.

Domestic violence or Domestic Abuse is more than hitting. I have heard to many times Pastors telling women that until he hits you you must not separate.

I have to wonder if people LOOK to the other factors of wife abuse, martial abuse in general. Men and Women alike get verbally and emotionally abused by partners, spouses and the effects are mininized. They are told to parrot scripture and pray more to help them deal with the effects. That may work for some people, but in alot of cases it sends people into deeper despair! They are given the excuse of almost NOT being cooperative if they can't find a way of getting over it.

They need to ask themselves if Jesus would tell the oppressed to JUST get over it! Love them more and show them respect .... and sit back and watch the miracles happen! Scripture speaks of helping the oppressed, and I'm sure God meant more than just using scripture and prayer as the only toolbox.

Children are effected living with this within their homes, and when you never feel safe how does that effect them as they grow into adults?

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