Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Free Text Reminders - Tools for Tuesday

Posted by Hannah at 10:43 AM

I'm the type that if I don't write something down right away, or find SOME way of reminding myself........chances are good I will forget! I try to make a habit of finding a way to remind ME of something that is upcoming! I mean lets face facts here..Life Happens!

Free Text Message Reminders
if your phone is allowed texts is an awesome tool to remind of things.

Enter your Phone Number and Text Message.
Select a Date and Time.
Receive a text message reminder exactly when you want it!
No Advertisements - they don't share your phone number, or call you!

Do one now, and check it out to see if it works for your life.......then HAVE HAD IT in the future!

THat is our Tool for Tuesday!

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Dan on 6:57 AM said...

don't get me wrong, textmemos.com does exactly what it says it'll do, send a single reminder at a future date, but what if you want to edit your message, or change the time you receive it, or receive it every day? You can't, cause there is no login option for you to control your reminders.

I much prefer textReminders.net. You can do all those things and more for free. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion. Maybe a review of the two sites would be cool. Kind of compare the two.

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