Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Owl's Song: Domestic Violence Part II: A Prayer

Posted by Hannah at 9:40 AM

The Owl's Song: Domestic Violence Part II: A Prayer

Prayer for All Who Are Abused

by Vienna Cobb Anderson

You chose, O loving God,
to enter this world quietly, humbly,
and as an outcast.
Hear our prayers
on behalf of all who are abused.
For children,
who suffer at the hands
of parents whom they trust and love;
For spouses,
beaten and destroyedby the very one
who promised to love
and to cherish them forever.
For all people
ignored, hated and cheated
by the very neighbor who could be the closest one to offer Your love.
Hear the cry of the oppressed.
Let the fire of your Spirit fill their hearts
with the power of vision and hope.
Grant to them empowerment to act,
that they may not be passive victims of violence and hatred.
Fulfill for them the promises you have made,
that their lives may be transformedand their oppression ended.
Turn the hearts of the oppressor unto you
that their living may be changed
by your forgiving love;
and their abusive actions
and oppressive ways
brought to an end.

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