Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Should I leave him or keep trying?

Posted by Hannah at 10:03 PM

My husband has been physically abusing me for years. Counseling helps for a while, but his rage always comes back. Should I leave him or keep trying?

Link to good video on subject!

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Unknown on 4:43 PM said...

This video is great, you can get more advice on how to organise zero tolerance and what behaviour changes you can make at my site
My husband and I worked through this and have a great marriage now. The intervention or zero tolerance that you put in place will help even more than councelling. Your partner needs these limits set for him, I would suggest by getting the police involved rather than you threatening to leave, which statistically will not improve your safety or his behaviour.

Kim Cooper.

Anonymous said...

I left my husband after 10 years and being separated twice. I still wonder that same thing. I'm reading a book by Lundy Bancroft called Why Does He Do That? and it is especially helpful. I don't know that they can or will change. It is their value system.

Hannah on 11:07 AM said...

There are some that will never truly try, because they feel entitled to their lifestyle 'as is'. They lightbulb may go on at times, but they may not do much about changing that either.

Lundy's books are very helpful.

Unknown on 3:23 PM said...

Please check out our site here,


I was in the same situation for years and finally found the answers. I have a great marriage now.


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