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To give an account and to intercede for their wives

Posted by Hannah at 6:28 PM

Shirley Taylor over at Baptist women for equality had an article this morning about Advent. The article title did make me sigh a little bit!


Should women be looking for the Christ child, or a husband?


Towards the end of her article she had mentioned Cindy Kunsman, and educational program that Cindy had presented in 2008.

Cindy Kunsman can tell you that Baptist seminarians believe it. At a conference in 2008 at a Southern Baptist Seminary, Cindy says “Several young men asked how it was that I believed that they would not stand before God…to give an account and to intercede for their wives….These (young men) were Baptist Seminary Students.” ( April 2008).

Cindy’s video is very interesting, and I learned a lot!  She hits on all kinds of areas of beliefs regarding Patriarchy.  When she mentioned some teachings from representatives from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Federal Vision,  and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary?  They pretty much threw a hissie fit, and claimed she offered ‘misinformed accusations’.  Did they pony up with the evidence, or actually point out the errors in question?  Nope.  Funny how that happens isn’t it?


This belief about how husbands are accountable for their wives and children's actions before God is crazy talk! We are asked to love and care for another. We aren’t asked to be held responsible to intercede, give an account or be responsible for another in this fashion.


When you face God its between you and him. It won’t matter if you were a popular pastor, head of the seminary, dutiful wife, wonderful mother, etc. He isn’t interested your office or role. Gender doesn’t give you leverage!


When I read things like this I truly feel badly for the men and women that are taught these things. It’s a very heavy burden if it were true for them, and being that humans can be selfish? No humanly incentive for women to do their best. It’s a teaching that states we don’t need Jesus, but a good husband to give account and intercede for us.


No offense, but they need to find another seminary.

I have to wonder if that is why some circles push the submission and authority so hard.  If they ‘believe’ they are to intercede and give account for their families?  I guess those teachings would encourage ‘cooperation’ in lightening that load a bit huh!  Women and children don’t need Jesus – just HIM!  So if they want to go and be with the Lord?  They need to cooperate, because he has the power in his hands!


I’m sorry but it gets crazier each time I hear it!



Conference coming to Houston
April 27-28, 2012
A New Creation. A New Tradition.
Reclaiming the Biblical tradition of Man and Woman, One in Christ.
bWe Baptist Women for Equality has teamed up with
Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) and
Fuller Institute, and others
to bring a conference for women's equality to Houston


If you are in the Texas area I wanted to point the above conference out!  NOPE, no ‘to give an account and to intercede for their wives’ stuff there!

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