Sunday, November 13, 2011

I know I have been MIA!

Posted by Hannah at 2:38 PM


Sorry for being missing in action lately. Almost 2 years ago I was in a car accident and hurt my left side. I have gone through the physical therapy, the doctor's visits etc.   All is well now on my left side!

Unfortunately, I have been overcompensating on my right side. I've had a lot of pain and it's very difficult to type.

Recently, I have used some Best Buy Bucks (which is a retail store) to purchase a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I'm slowly learning to use the program. Dragon naturally speaking is a speech recognition software program. It's kind of neat! You speak and it types!

The program slowly learns to recognize your voice. Then you have Hannah slowly learning to use the program!

I'm hoping the combination of the two will have me up and blogging soon.

Meanwhile, I will be posting a new music video I found.

I get the impression that the lyrics are about bullying.  I felt the lyrics applied to so much more.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Hannah, nice to have you back.

Wow! We sure have a lot in common. An on the job injury wrecked my whole right side, and my left side has been taking up the slack. I am in physical therapy as well. Cortisone shots in my shoulder, and knee has helped a great deal. Although I am a candidate for knee replacement, the shots and exercise has helped a great deal. I retired my cane.

I tried one of those speech programs. I guess I didn't speak clear enough or something. I was yelling into the mike at one time. It kept typing something I didn't say - uuuggghhh! I gave up. Good luck with yours.

I know the feeling about not being able to type - my shoulder injury prevents that at times. But the cortisone shot gave me more mobility. I use heat and ice to reduce the aches and pains. I have the ones that have straps so I can walk around with them on.

I attend a Sports Medicine therapy which deals with my whole body - not just the injured parts. I was told my body was out of alignment, and it was recommended to wear insoles for my fallen arches. They do some body manipulation like a chiropractor, but they also do strength training. I like to walk bear footed - although that is not good for my back. I put insoles in my house slippers and try to wear them all the time.

Coming back from an injury is tough - hang in there.


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