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Links of Interest!

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Links of Interest

Jocelyn Andersen has finally released her new book, Woman this is War!

“Woman this is WAR!...,” takes a new look at old arguments traditionally used to keep men and women enslaved in illegitimate bondage based on sex, and just as the Bible did not condone the sin of slavery based on skin color, it also does not condone a slavery-like caste system based on gender. Jesus said we would know the truth and the truth would set us FREE. Andersen challenges Christian men and women to embrace and appreciate God-given gender differences without giving place to haughty spirits of superiority, degrading feelings of inferiority, hatred, prejudice, fear of one another’s differences, or the sinful need to either be in charge or to submit in an idolatrous manner.

I have to mention you will enjoy her footnotes just as much as the information she shares.  I also enjoy history, and she discloses history in a way that others may not wish to have it remembered.  I plan on writing more about this book at a later date!

Quivering Daughters is another book that has been released recently, and Hillary has been speaking about it as she wrote it on her blog.  You can read her first chapter that she shares on the Quivering Daughters blog itself. 

"It is a grave disservice to the heart, soul, body and spirit of a woman when she is given the subtle message that the truth of her own pain is not as important as the reputation of the ones who inflict it."

Waneta Dawn, author of Behind the Hedge wrote an article called:  Predicting Which Husband will Murder his Wife .

However, the domestic violence workers say the best predictor of domestic murder is verbal/emotional abuse. What causes a person to use verbal/emotional abuse against the very person they claim to love? It is an attitude and belief of entitlement. The belief that he is entitled to have his way, to have what he wants. Verbal and emotional abuse are caused by the belief that he is entitled to cast the deciding vote, to have authority that his spouse does not have. It is a belief in his own superiority, that the rules don’t apply to him.

Commandments of Men had an article that was very touching:

Men defying scripture to become "high priest of the home". Unfortunately for this methodology, the Spirit of God doesn't reside in a temple made by man (Acts 17:24) and doesn't dwell in the "home". This negates the need for any "high priest of the home", as the high priest, literally defined, is one who deals with God on behalf of the people. WE are the temple. I repeat...WE are the temple. WE, through the completed work of Christ, house the Spirit of God within us. There is ONE who deals with God on our behalf: Jesus Christ (1st Timothy 2:5). All of the scripture speaks against the notion of "the high priest of the home". It's a dangerous, destructive, and spiritually abusive idea. No more need for a high priest. We have a perfect and eternal High Priest who doesn't need our help. His work is complete.

Suzanne's Bookshelf wrote:  What does Wifely Submission look like?
We understand that CBMW teaches that men may have to "reestablish rulership" over their wife, and "exert leadership." This is a proactive attempt to ensure that the wife does submit. The language for leadership of the wife, is similar to that of the children, and the question may be asked by the husband "how do I enforce subordination?" The husband may resort to punitive measures.

But what does CBMW say that submission of the wife looks like?
Its very thought provoking!

Words of a Fether issued: An Example of CBMW Dogma

At this link you will find what CBMW views as a summary of the complementarian/egalitarian debate. Here is my analysis.

The summary of the egal. position seems fair enough, if over-simplified. But the summary of the comp. position seems to have been written as though they forgot what they just said about the egal position. Hopefully they’re only reciting the positions and not issuing the comp side as the rebuttal. We’ll see.

Under I-A they start off with the adjectives: ” the male was given the responsibility of loving authority over the female, and the female was to offer willing, glad-hearted and submissive assistance to the man”. Take away the over-used adjectives and the teaching is much clearer: in spite of there being scriptural grounding for full equality before sin, the woman is asserted to be the underling of the man. They engage in circular reasoning by first presuming that Gen. 2 “bears out” different “expressions” of humanity (no specific verses are cited, since none exist), then presuming that this assertion is what Paul would later read there as well. They change the true complementarity of male and female (like the left and right hands) into the hierarchy of dominance and submission, which somehow is made legitimate by flowery adjectives alone.

Very interesting read, and also she has very good points!

Shirley Taylor of Baptist Women for Equality's Blog was one of the Seneca Falls speakers I spoke about recently.

She wrote an article, called 'What SBC pastors won’t tell men'.  It's about a preacher that preaches the Danver's Statement to the extreme, and how he arrogantly shouted during a sermon '“Women, if you don’t like it, take it up with Peter.  He’s the one that said it.  I just read it.”  Nice huh?  Anyway, she wrote him a quick note afterwards...

Thanks for taking the time to write. I’m sorry you see the SBC position as a “hard line stance against women.” I would respectfully disagree. I believe the SBC has accurately interpreted the Scriptures and desires to obey our loving Lord on this issue.

This is obviously a cause you are very passionate about and committed to, and there is little chance of me changing your mind. But if you are genuinely interested in learning more about what the Bible teaches on this subject and would be willing to yield to God’s teaching, I would be happy to pass along some Scriptures and recommended reading.

After I got his email, my husband checked him out on his website. This pastor had just finished a 12 part sermon and he summed it up in the last sermon by saying:

“men are ordained to be the head of the household, and the church.”  Same old story.  Men are ordained to lead, and it is just women stopping them again.  How big is that apple?

He is in California and I had great hopes that he would be supportive!  But you can see his mind is as closed as mine is when it comes to equality for women.

I wrote back and said, “I got a chuckle out of your reply.  I was so with you when you talked about my passion, but then you told me I had a closed mind and was unwilling to yield to God’s teaching.”

Then I said, “I’ll see you in heaven someday.  I guess I will be in the women’s section.  I’ll wave.”

I had to giggle at her response to his passive aggressive response to her.

Anyway, this is my partial list of links of interest!  I have more, but ran out of time!

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Gayle on 7:39 PM said...

These are some great resources. Quivering Daughters is a new one to me. I'm going to look forward to reading it. Thanks for making this information available.

Hannah on 8:34 PM said...

Yes! She is awesome writer!

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