Sunday, July 25, 2010

Freedom for Christian Women Coalition Part One

Posted by Hannah at 1:43 PM

Freedom for Christian Women Coalition as sent a letter to the CMBW after their convention was held in Seneca Falls.

I realize some may feel the approach is to harsh, and if I were a betting person?  I would bet they get blown off completely by CMBW.

I would like to take a couple of their concerns one by one on this blog.  The first one is highlighted below:

We are concerned that men are being taught that they are god-like in their relationship to women within the church and home. As the mothers, wives, and daughters of these men, it is our concern that this doctrine is setting them up for failure as Christian fathers, husbands and sons;

I can understand such a concern, but when this concern does come up it is normally approached as ‘feministic’ banter.

They will acknowledge, ‘In the church, sin inclines men toward a worldly love of power or an abdication of spiritual responsibility, and inclines women to resist limitations on their roles or to neglect the use of their gifts in appropriate ministries.’

It seems to me the Coalition are concerned about the approach of ‘worldly love of power’, because they deal with this ‘god-like’ impression men are at times believing – or have counseled wounded families that this has happened to.  You could even say maybe they feel not enough is being done to address this properly.  CBMW acknowledges this ‘cause’ has an ‘effect’ of what is referred to as ‘neglect of the female role’.

Its seems to me that they are addressing the ‘effect’ more at times than the cause, and labeling it conveniently as ‘feminist egalitarianism’.  I'm sure CBMW will ramp up the concentration on this soon enough!

Acknowledging the love of power, but then placing articles upon articles speaking about the feminism approach?  It makes no sense.

Lets take an example of how this approach is being seen without using ‘gender’ or ‘roles’.

Lets say you are in the bathroom, and you hear drip…drip….drip but the faucet isn’t dripping.  You look at the plumbing underneath the sink, and you realize the pipes below are the part that is leaking.  The effect of that water leakage has also damaged the cabinet or flooring beneath it.  At this point you turn off the water, and you leave to go to the hardware store.  Which choice below is more likely to be said to the hardware clerk when you get there, and they ask you, “How can help you?”


I have damaged flooring and cabinets that I need to repair that are all wet!  Do you have something to help me dry them out?  OH, and before I forget my pipes are leaking as well!


I have found that my pipes under the sink have a major leak, and I need to purchase the tools to fix that.  I have turned off the water, but not before it damaged the floor and bathroom cabinet.  Do you have any suggestions for that part as well since I’m here?

Which one properly addressed the problem, and also mentioned the effect?  My choice would be approach two!

You see until you address the leak in the plumbing, and find ways of fixing that?  You can complain about how your flooring and cabinets are ruined all you wish, but it won’t truly be effective will it?

Will CBMW address the leaking plumbing with concerns that were brought up, or will they continue to stonewall the issue with the label ‘feminist egalitarianism’?  They have a history of the taking of the second option, but let us pray that they can indeed show a campaign just as rigorous now since their ‘helpmeet’ has pointed this out.  Will they take the humble leadership approach to them, or will they continue their feminist banter?

It should be interesting.

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Waneta Dawn on 5:22 PM said...

Your word picture is right on target. The CBMW is putting their focus on the effect--the harm to women, but twist it into saying the women are both the cause and the effect--and totally ignore the real cause of the problem.

Writing the above, I realize we could go a step further and say the CBMW is blaming the floor that the pipe is leaking!! If the floor would stop rotting that would fix everything. How absurd! Great word-picture! Maybe the CBMW can get it now.

~Waneta Dawn

Hannah on 9:08 PM said...

We can pray can't we!

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