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Feminism and the TV dinner!

Posted by Hannah at 5:38 PM

Feminism and the TV dinner
I was having a good giggle this morning, and it reminded me of the discussion at hand how organizations use a list of red flags to get across their message.

CBMW does love to use this concept of feminism as their huge threat to the family.  FOOD and feminism was the article that I read, and it showed to me how they don't use any history behind their beliefs.  To me they took the definition of a Yuppie and replaced it with feminist.

What has fast food (whether eating out or pre-packaged) done for the feminism movement?  If you think back to when these TV dinners started really hitting the supermarket shelves (or fast food icons, etc) – it would be in the late 50s and on.  Which came first – the feminism movement of the 60s and 70s or the rise of food?  Is there a correlation – yes, but I don’t think its the driving correlation. 

Now if you read about the history of TV dinners, and YES there is actually articles on this the statement above is false.  No there was no 'correlation'.  The TV dinner was invented due to an over abundance error of Turkey the Swanson company had.

Relying on frozen convenience foods is nothing new -- who actually invented them, however, is a bit more contentious. Though credit is widely given to the Swanson brothers, it took a combination of a stocking error at Swanson, a light bulb idea by Swanson company salesman Gerry Thomas after a visit to Pan American Airways in Pittsburgh and some smart marketing to give rise to the TV dinner.


The first TV dinners produced by Swanson were in answer to a problem they had with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Not just a few Tupperware containers, either -- we're talking about 260 tons (235 metric tons) of turkey leftovers. So they appealed to their workers to come up with ideas. Gerry Thomas had just seen the airplane-friendly compartmentalized aluminum trays used by Pan American Airways and introduced the idea to the Swanson brothers back home in Nebraska. They packaged turkey, corn bread stuffing, peas and sweet potatoes and hung their advertising campaign on the newest craze to hit the nation: TV. That year, Swanson sold more than 25 million TV dinners to hungry Americans, at 98 cents per package. TV dinners were a hit.

It sounds to me that this idea came along due to an error, and with 260 tons of turkey on the line?  They needed to come up with something fast, or take a huge economic hit when it spoiled.   Did they realize they were starting some ground breaking food source, and it would appeal to all those feminist's that don't like staying at home to take care of the traditional family?  I have to giggle and think that they HOPED it was a hit on some level, because they had 260 tons of turkey to get rid of!  Their abundance of food was the driving force, and not the feminist.  I mean how many single men wouldn't love to snap those up for dinner as well?  Who can blame Swanson?  That's alot of turkey, and I'm sure would have cost the company PLENTY if they didn't think of something FAST!  Their creative idea was a HIT!

Now some people seem to think the Maxson Food System was the first, and NOT Swanson.

Maxson Food Systems, Inc. manufactured the earliest complete frozen meal in 1945. Maxson manufactured “Strato-Plates” – complete meals that were reheated on the plane for military and civilian airplane passengers. The meals consisted of a basic three-part equation of meat, vegetable and potato, each housed in its own separate compartment on a plastic plate. However, due to financial reasons and the death of their founder, Maxson frozen meals never went to the retail market. Some feel that Maxson’s product does not qualify as a true TV dinner, since it was consumed on an airplane rather than in the consumer’s home.

Now keep in mind that was before the feminist's were on the scene, but they did use this idea for the Swanson's dinners as well.  Remember the employee mentioned it after he took a flight!

Now HOW in the world can they take TV dinners, and turn it into another 'evil, entitled women' concept?  You need to stretch a bit further, and then throw in some guilt driven and manipulative statements!

Entitlement.  We live in a culture now where we can get local, organic, grass-fed, cage-free, no pesticides foods.  We have specialty shops like Whole Foods.  We have Fresh Market.  We eat non-processed foods or only plants.  Is all of this good – sure.  Is all of it a necessity?  No.  Women (yes, mostly women) think in terms of entitlement or status.  During a conversation I had this morning – we think it’s a status to walk into our kid’s classroom holding our Whole Foods recyclable bag.  How dare we bring in a plastic Food Lion or Aldi bag?  Would anyone eat the food we brought if it wasn’t organic?   And the question raised in one of the articles I read – does this “slow-food” culture (the return in politics and foodie circles to non-processed foods, grind your own wheat, bake your own breads, etc) really mean that women are giving up their careers and returning to the kitchen.  I don’t think the argument can be made.  I think it can be more made that as women/wives/mothers get more into culture and the world – they think they are entitled to more and better things (including their food).  So, they will spend more money on gratifying self in the way of the Whole Foods salad bar and bulk bins.  But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their hearts are returning to a God-given love of the home and their children.

WOW right?  I don't know about you but if I didn't know it was the CBMW talking I would swear they were talking about yuppies not feminists!  Anyone remember the Yuppies?

As Mary Kassian states in her book Girls Gone Wise, “Do you believe that treasuring Christ holds greater pleasure than sex, wealth, power, and prestige?  Are you willing to forego worldly gratification?”  Is shopping at Whole Foods and Fresh Market and local farms wrong – no, please don’t hear that.  But, what is the heart behind your actions?  Do you want to have it all?  Do you want to be a status symbol?  Do you want to be able to hang with the green, organic Moms who you think have it all together from the outside looking in?  Or do you want to reclaim your role as a wife and a mother who’s best interest is her love for Christ and that she “looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” (Prov 31.27)

It's amazing to me that they plant these thoughts in people's heads, and then claim they aren't setting up a 'us against them' spirit.

I don't know about you, but I always HATED those plastic shopping bags!  I loved the PAPER ones of the past, because I used them for so many other things!  The plastic ones always broke, and there was a time you were not allow to recycle them at all.  Is it a status symbol to want to recycle as well?

Heck you remember those 'paper drives' they used to have?  We used the paper bags to store all the 'paper' in for the paper drives. My parents told us learning to recycle was part of a good sense of civic duty.

I bought one 'recyclable' shopping bag per trip when I had the money because it does make sense for the environment, and from the sense of wanting to help be responsible for the environment.  Status never entered my mind!

These types of articles are the ones that show people to always assume the worse, because we know how the 'world is'.  Now its mostly 'women' that are entitled. They create doubt in your mind!  When you went to the local farm to get fresh veggies for your family DID you do it with the right attitude?  We go since they are cheaper and better quality than the stores!  Is that sinful?  I guess as long as I went with the 'right attitude' it's not.

This is fear mongering!  I have no doubt there are mindless, selfish people that do STRIVE for the status they speak of.  Most people that I know of - outside and inside of the church fellowship - don't go to the store to find good buys that are good for their families out of STATUS!  I will mention again that sounds like a yuppie deal, and they have repackaged this into their favorite flavor of criticism - feminism!

I had to giggle at the beginning of his article, because you can FEEL his joyful love for serving as he mentions parts of his childhood.

What does all this matter?
 In the rise of a foodie nation – which we are (food channels,  competitions, magazines, restaurants, stores) – I also want to draw your attention to what it looks like for families and feminism.
 Personal Testimony: I grew up in a non-traditional family.  Both of my parents were (and still are) married.  But, my mother wasn’t always able to do the “normal” mother things, so my brother and I would go grocery shopping, cook, prepare our breakfasts, and eat school lunches. (do you feel his joyful love of serving for his mother with this comment?  I feel for her!)  I went to Publix with a check and a grocery list in 3rd grade.  My Dad cooked.  My Mom would sometimes cook.  We would eat out before school basketball games.  I learned how to cook early on.  Now, I love to cook – but I would still rather cook for people than just myself.  I want people to appreciate my cooking. (Don't we all! LOL)  So, if it’s just me – I’m going to make a salad or eat hummus and raw vegetables, or maybe even a bowl of light ice cream for dinner. 
 Now that I’ve gotten older, learned more, been around more people – I see food and cooking in a different light.  I don’t see preparing food in a kitchen at your home for your family as a demeaning task or one that should only be done by the wife (but should be done most of the time by mom to be seen as the 'normal mother').  Proverbs 31 does mention this: “She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household.” (31.15)  But, I don’t believe that means that if the husband cooks, then the wife is falling down on her wifely/motherly duties.

The gentleman then goes on about his speech over the TV dinners that posted above.  I wonder if his father did 'normal father things', or  maybe he just sees his father in a 'different light' as well.  My father loved to cook, and my mother grew up in a traditional home with a mother doing 'normal' mother things.  My father didn't believe that his wife was falling down on her wifely/motherly duties either.  Its to bad this man doesn't have a respect for his mother as scripture would ask of him.  He didn't mention how she went to work, because of all the feminist traits they love to use!  Personally?  It sounds like he helped his 'family' out (not just mom) begrudgingly as a child, or maybe he sees it as a good attitude to have as adult when he looks back.

Its pretty clear what he is hinting at, but I guess won't come straight out and say it.  That seems to be the norm.

My mother had to work at times as well, but my brother and I knew the reasons for that.  My father was transferred, and the area we had to move to?  His salary couldn't support his family.  We had to move, or he wouldn't have had any job!  He traveled alot for this job, and so finding a second job they found just wasn't doable.

We only had one car that they shared (rural area), there was no such thing as cable, cell phones, video games, or even air conditioning!  We lived modestly.  My parents did the best they could, and they both showed us 'parent' things.  Imagine that?   We had camping trips and a huge garden.  YES we had to 'help', but we knew why.  'Its called part of being a family!  Everyone pitches IN!', according to my father.  I agree!  We couldn't afford TV dinners very often, but they were treat if we did have the extra cash!  Mom would save it up, and while Dad was gone on a business trip my brother and I got pick out pizza or a TV dinner!  lol we thought it was HEAVEN!  TV dinners were not cheap, or good economic choice with a modest income.

As far as the bags go?  It reminds me of the tradition my grandmother taught us about 'conserving' and being frugal!  You don't use things you can throw out if you can find something to use over and over again!  Why?  Its wasteful!  You get creative just like Swanson did with their turkey overload!  My grandfather had a favorite TV dinner, and his wife was the 'traditional' one - never worked and was always serving!

Feminism and the TV dinner?  I have to giggle, and use the saying, WHAT will they think of NEXT?!"  I thought hummus was a status deal?!  I guess not.  (Yes I will end this with my snarky attitude - sorry!)

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Mara Reid on 7:22 PM said...

"Women (yes, mostly women) think in terms of entitlement or status."

WHAT THE ??????

mostly women????

yeah, right.

Hannah on 9:07 PM said...

I know. I couldn't believe he said that. lol I guess men don't buy 'status' food, and then think about their attitudes WAY before the purchase!

JaneDoeThreads on 11:57 PM said...

[2 post reply due to word size] Interesting Hannah because I've gotten some revelation about the use of t.v. dinners and did some research about the invention of, but what I got had nothing to Do with feminism...so this is I don't know a confirmation from God or what...but let me share with you a bit, because well, not sure where this will go. Anyhow, while I don't concur with the targeting of 'isms' by patriarchs, the whole blame feminism, etc to Force women into SLAVERY, there Is something to be said about the Reactionary movement Against modernization, on numerous fronts. The thing about t.v. dinners and other 50s inventions is that the Economy had hanged but NOT only that, the roles changed dramatically, people blame the 60s for the decadence in America but really IF they read thoroughly on history [and not spin] then one can see how each generation there was a reaction to an action/chaos and all that, anyhow the Inventions were also due to the need to Boost the Capitalist economy, which had changed through Entire world. Another thing after WWII a type of 'innocence' was lost globally, the things not known until Months later, were now having to be processed at a much faster rate, due to the news via Airwaves [there is key there, esp to mind-soul control] but anyway,

what I found, when doing some research on battling foggy brain, what I call it, due to what I know to be some things from RA ritual abuse [whether direct OR through the being around heavily spiritual occult area which I was as young child] I had this thought--the t.v. dinners I had always been fed as a child. Now some of the biggest buyers of t.v. dinners were Bachelors, not families, that much I do know. But anyway so I'm thinking ok God what is it about the t.v. dinners--and so the Aluminum came up, that is how I found out about the turkey, etc., so I'm researching and I had been doing some study on elements, I knew that elements change when heated,

as does aluminum. Now, what I didn't know aluminum is an ore so is Arsenic. When heated it Does change...now Add that to Flouride, you get a Huge dose of

POISONOUS METAL [ELEMENT] TOXINS TO THE BRAIN--AND THAT THAT WAS TIED INTO SOCIAL ENGINEERING, tied in with psychology/Illuminati and a few other things that I won't get into here back in the 50s and 60s, with the whole Cold War. How to make citizens more compliant and submissive those social engineers Do exist.

There is also the issue of mass food production and it's harms on environment and Poisoning of water and so forth...cash crops, creating poverty in other areas, and well anyway, this is where religious Patriarchy and Right Wing Nationalism [socialist/Nazi] has in fact, had a lot to do with yes the use of mind controls, etc. via through some gov forces,

and this I think, rough guess is also spiritual but anyway...I did find that the rates of mental illness is related to metal toxins, which is why there is need for detox and going back to more or less natural or organic farming, etc. But it's not feminism, hardly--in fact the more there is Population the more the demand for mass production and reliance on quick things increases therefore Patriarchy has a whole lot more [and forced patriarchy] to do with the increase in reliance on, yes, environmentally and physically damaging things. [Paul says, in end days they will create evil devices, de-Vice].

JaneDoeThreads on 11:57 PM said...

2nd part The other extreme of course, is the whole rejection of modern and going back to B.C. primitiveness, which also does not work due to numerous things [and why male centric patriarchy via nuclear family will lead to desolation, not the opposite, because the 'idealism' or 'utopia' is so missing so many of the other Causes of yes, the harms or Results of past idolatry and greed and power abuse of yesteryear.]

Eco feminists for years have been researching and addressing these very issues, because the true results of these Taliban like ideologies is that when you subjugate and demonize SHE woman, you also do same to Mother Earth because to dominate or to reduce the 'other life forces' under male superiority does the opposite of preserving the ancient ways, Wisdom, Harmony with the environment and simpler life. There is no harmony when there is dominance. There is no simplicity when there is one woman with girl children doing the job that whole TRIBES DID IN B.C., that is Why they need the mass schedule 'Nazi like' controls and the military type of rule and the abuses and they Still are very dependent on the very things they demonize...modernization. Yet they Miss the real important truths in that it's not the t.v. dinners, no, it's the mass production of food [which has a whole host of issues intertwined there that IF we don't get solutions to will KILL US ALL], the heavy metal toxins that are Polluting minds/bodies causing need for reliance [and this IS controlled, kid your self not] on mind control/behavior altering mood drugs [big business] for kids and adults that ARE addicting--damage to environment and especially Water from the run offs of chemicals/elements in high doses that Poison water etc etc etc

funny thing is, many Feminists and ecologist warriors have been pointing these truths out for years....NOT the patriarchs.

Bottom line, this is what we get, when we chase the gnat while swallowing the camel or like how dogs do, chasing their tales....

the focus on the 'other' just misses the whole Bigger picture...

btw there ARE ways to detox from the metal toxins we are so polluted with, depending on Which metal some take Years--they Do effect our minds, depression, anxiety, dementia, hyper activity, bi-polarism, etc. But no way, one woman with 12 kids can do the gardening and homeschooling and nursing and all that, by her self, and then be beaten down on top of that, those women who Do [and they are mostly feminist, eco oriented, leftist] live the self sustainable life, are finding that it is a lot more difficult to reverse the effect/dependency like on the grid for example, MEN too would have to go back, dump the cars, golf, privilege and get out there with the Ox and cart--if they are NOT willing to do that,

forget it....they are just chasing their tales, and they don't really know what in the world they are Talking about.

[same goes for the other side of the fanatical poles like with animal rights--if all animals are no eaten then they will eat each other, those over populated will throw off the whole ecological balance--another extreme, that seeing the 'gnat' and swallowing the camel]

but then, Dogma does that--

it's interesting, how the two poles, are both chasing their tales while women, eco feminist and pagans, Native peoples, are the ones, actually working, to reverse the damages, of yes,

effects of t.v. dinners. LOL

Love, Jane

Hannah on 8:57 AM said...

History is interesting isn't it?

You always come up with some good stuff!

Mara Reid on 10:03 AM said...

Yes, very good points, Jane.

But I'm still hung up on this:
"Women (yes, mostly women) think in terms of entitlement or status."

Boy does he have his head up his hiney.

I'm gonna tell two jokes. The first one is what men tell each other that women don't think is funny and then explain it in real terms. Then just for the sake of ending on a lighter note, I'm going to tell a joke women tell each other that men don't think is funny.

First Joke:
"How do you turn a fox into an elephant?"
"Why, I don't know, Leroy. How do you turn a fox into an elephant?"
"You marry her."
(Sound of men laughing)

I read about a study on how women gain weight after marriage. Wish I could find it and link it here.
Anyway, how it goes is like this. Before women get married they are often satisfied with a light meal at night before bed. Once they are married, their entitled husband who has worked all day is not satisfied with a light meal at night. He wants meat and potatoes with ALL the fixens. So, in order to keep him happy, the wife complies. And low and behold, She gains weight. While entitled men are completely clueless of what they have CAUSED. (Think leaky sink and wet wood.)

Joke #2

"My husband and I divorced for religious reasons. He thought he was God and I didn't."
(Women laughing in the background.)

Now tell me... Who mostly thinks they are entitled?

It ain't the women, Mr. CBMW guy. Git yer head out of you hiney. You're freaking clueless!

Hannah on 11:59 AM said...

He speaks of entitlement, and yet the statements on their site show the sin of entitlement (in terms of sin) with men.

In the home, the husband's loving, humble headship tends to be replaced by domination or passivity . . . . In the church, sin inclines men toward a worldly love of power or an abdication of spiritual responsibility". - The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

So it seems one of the normal 'mother' things that wives do is shopping for food. They need to be sure they do this with the right spirit, and not shop with a 'status' attitude. Sigh. How women are more prone to this. THEY are entitled, and need to be reminded to 'check their spirit' prior to shopping? Seriously?

The above sin of the man they speak of? It shows entitlement of a lifestyle.

These types of silly examples they give to remind the women they aren't perfect either? One - no one said women were, and two - the examples they present are naive at best. YES indeed it does show the 'clueless' nature.

I doubt the wives they address are yuppie, and for them to remind the wives to make sure the don't even go near that? Its just silly.

I don't think they truly realize how truly DUMB it comes across as. I mean can't they come up with better examples than this? If they can't it shows they truly need to stop glaring at the women, and concentrate more on the sins they spoke about regarding themselves.

His part one of the article (if I remember correctly) says he is single. Does he check his spirit prior to purchasing the hummus in question, or does he 'make it from scratch' himself to show that is isn't. I wonder if he prays prior to entering the shop to have God give them the proper attitude towards hummus that he consumes to remind him WHY he is eating it, or to point out it looks cool to do as a single guy that can grasp healthy eating.

People giggle at them, and they feel its because Jesus told them they would be attacked for being his follower. Sigh! They are giggled at because of the crazy assumptions, and fear mongering they do!

At least he knows show to shop and cook, and maybe his mother's absence that forced this was God's plan to make sure he was prepared for his single life. I guess that is asking to much. lol! God normally places us on journeys for a reason I truly believe. His mother prepared him, and yet he hints at how she didn't normal 'mother' things.


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