Monday, November 02, 2009

Shows and Movies for Abuse Support

Posted by Hannah at 8:26 PM

Shows and Movies


Victim of Emotional Abuse Speaks out on the TODAY show. approx 9 minutes
Toxic Relationships on Today Show. approx 8 minutes
Toxic Relationships on Today Show PT II. approx 9 minutes
Hidden Victims of Domestic Voilence (Discovery Education Channel) 35 min.
Robin Givens Talks about Faith and Domestic Violence
Sacred Silence (Discovery Education Channel) 25 min.
20/20 Segment on domestic abuse
Series of Emotional Abuse and Verbal Abuse you hear, feel, and see  Super NannyChild Abuse: Family Matters (Discovery Education Channel) 25 min.


Breaking the Silence - Children's Stories of Domestic Violence

The Color Purple

What's Love Got To Do With It

Gospel of John Day 1

Gospel of John - Day 2

Gospel of John - Day 3

Facing the Giants

Cry for Help - The Tracy Thurman Story

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Mara Reid on 9:01 AM said...

Thanks for reposting these. It's good for new comers to know what you have available.

I watched the Tracey Thurman story and What's love got to do with it last year. Both excellent.
Need to watch the color purple. It didn't work the last time I tried. Read the book back in college though. Very good.

Thanks again

Hannah on 11:42 AM said...

I have been over posting lately, but that is because I'm in the middle of redesigning the blog again! These will be reference pages in the future, and I had to get them on the blog before converting it over.

Tracy's story seems to be one of the top pages for people to search for here, and I remember the first time I saw that movie - it broke my heart. What's love got to do with it shows alot as well! I will have to check that color purple. If it doesn't work I will find another link! LOL!

Thank you!

Hannah on 12:04 PM said...

I fixed the dead link for the movie the color purple! LOL! Thank you for mentioning That!

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