Monday, November 02, 2009

Hannah's Socks - What a Blessing!

Posted by Hannah at 8:45 AM

What a cute child isn't she?  This is little Hannah of Hannah's socks!

Hannah was a small girl and while helping her mother volunteer at a shelter one day noticed a man with torn shoes, and no socks at all.  She asked her mother if it was okay to give her socks to the man.

From the mouths of babes Hannah's Socks organization was started!

2009 Sock Count

Collected: 50,000 pairs
Our Goal: 60,000 pairs

That is the count so far for the year, and this organization would love your help!  They donate the socks to homeless shelters, and also domestic violence shelters as well.  Such a small thing that most of us don't think about as we take for granted our pairs of socks.

Volunteering at homeless shelters and organizations like this can be a very life changing experience for anyone.  I used to go with my parents as a child as well.  My father and I would take his plants that were overgrown, and repot them into smaller containers to bring with us when we go and volunteer.  Dad had a green thumb as the saying goes, and goodness we would get alot of smaller plants from one HUGE one that he had babied all year.  Lets just say our car was overloaded, and needed to be vacuumed each time when we got home! (giggles)

Giving back to the community will not only make your heart feel warm, but it does make a huge impact on others.  I was raised with that in mind, and have been doing so most of my life.  I encourage everyone to get involved even in a small way within your community, and maybe ask Hannah how to start your how "Hannah's Socks' in your area!

Help Hannah's Socks organization meet their goal!  They only have 10,000 pairs of socks left!  Hannahs's socks - What a blessing to many!

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