Friday, September 11, 2009

Chris Brown I'm NOT a monster!

Posted by Hannah at 11:38 AM

This is last part regarding the interview with Larry King and Chris Brown.

I'm pointing out the traits of the abuser, and how they act when they get caught abusing!

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Chris Brown's demeanor changed a bit at the beginning of this portion of the interview.

He claims he still loves her at the beginning of the interview. I have no doubt he does still love her in his own way. He hasn't got the help he needs to recognize a healthy type of love yet.

I think most anyone would feel sorrow once a person they love moves on to a new relationship. He won't be stalking her to much with the media following him. You can bet the minute she gets hot and heavy with someone else it will fuel the media once again. Sigh. I think that is the nature of the beast.

He may not be in a relationship at this point, but you can't tell me he doesn't accept the attention of other ladies.

Abusers do know how to play that part of the game as well.

They will tell the new woman the lines he knows will work, and concentrate on telling her how much more lovely she is compared to you know WHO! WELL at least until she ticks him off, and then the comparisons will go into another direction.

Abusers also like to tell the victim they don't LOVE them like they LOVED YOU! AGAIN until she ticks him off, and then he will announce how this other person is so much better for them.

The 'changed' part? The motive is there, and no change is present. There are people that will see this, but victims that are broken and used to the cycle don't always see it. It hurts when you point it out, but it helps them see the reality of things as well.



Yeah, I’m tellin’ you. We not, we not. And I don’t do all this talkin’ on the thing, this just some new stuff I’m doin’, I wanna say what up. ‘Cause I ain’t been out there in a minute. But. New album gonna be comin’ soon. We workin’ on that right now. It’s called Graffiti, got everything on it, know what I’m sayin’? So y’all be ready for that. I’m about to drop a single this summer for y’all, so. We ain’t goin’ nowhere. Everybody that hate us, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love y’all. I ain’t a monster.

As I mentioned in the prior article he isn't going to attempt to sway those that may accept what happened, and doubt his sincerity of his apology when you act like this.

Its easier to say, "Everyone that hate us, they just been haters!" He refuses to acknowledge in any REAL terms why people may be upset with him! You hold on to the upset - you are JUST HATERS!

There truly is no REAL vulnerability. They just can't do that when they are that broken. That is NOT to say it can never happen, but at this point? You aren't going to see it. Its much easier to accept that people just lie, and never liked him to begin with, etc.

GRANTED there are THOSE of course! His cocky demeanor and arrogance that is spilling all over the place isn't going to do much for his case. The fact that his support system is MORE than willing to participate in this video? They are okay with him not having to be vulnerable, sincere, and accept his lumps as well.

He might have been VERY angry at the bloggers, but again his lack of self control? His lack of impulse control? WOW I guess it happened a second time now. What Rhianna's actions were 10 times worse than the bloggers now?


You know WHO his real friends are at this point? The ones that allowed themselves to take what he says and accept it hook, line and sinker. Those are the TRUE friends! He doesn't like the supporters of Rhianna especially if they got to vocal.

For interviews he may say he understands, and is okay with it. His demeanor and the fact he keeps coming back to that? How if you don't accept him you are just haters? That's part of the abusers black and white world. There are those that will think he is a monster, and will hate him forever and NEVER allow the sincere, humble nature when he does get real. Chris Brown isn't there yet. He isn't anywhere close to that.

abuser Chris Brown I am not a monster

Part of the acceptance is admitting that some people do have a reason to 'hate' as he puts it. They do have reason to be mad! They do have reasons to question his sincerity. Some may waffle back and forth, some may accept things and be okay with it, and some may hate him until the day he dies.

The fact he is only okay with the one group - his supporters 100% of the time? The TRUE fans? Its shows the nature of the abuser. He loves that he can have some sense of control over them. The rest of them? Contempt. You either you understand my side 100% or you are the enemy! That's clue one they are crawling back into their abuser world. There is no humble nature over the sin he has committed.

The monster within him is still there. I hope he does get help with the monster, because he is kidding himself if he thinks that part of him will never surface again. He may not be a monster all the time, but there is a monster under the surface. If he wants help he needs to accept that.

Part One Chris Brown, Mom and Denial...

Part Two Chris Brown Abuse NEVER happened before!

Part Three Chris Brown - We are FRIENDS now

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Anonymous said...

These were all such excellent articles. You truly get it. These few sentences struck me, as I saw this so many times in both my marriages.

"When abusers are in control they see the relationship as awesome! For them? Why would they see it any other way? When the POWER OVER aspect is present that is fuel, and they feed off it."

I am finally free and found your site a few weeks ago. I love it!

Hannah on 9:25 AM said...

Thank you for you note!

Yes, I think that is the part alot of people don't understand about abusive relationships. The abuser likes the relationship the way it is - no matter what they say - because when you decide you had enough? They basically go nuts! When they try to tell you that they will 'change' its not usually with the right motive. They say it to get the person back, and may even go with some of the motions...but you always feel that power over aspect in some fashion.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you stick around!

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