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Headship in Heaven–Part two

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When I wrote to you last time about an article CBMW put up regarding ‘Headship is Heaven’?  People from all over the internet were talking about how the article went offline after some serious criticism of the opinion given in the article itself.  It wasn’t so much that the website no longer showed the article, but the substance within the article that was seriously troubling.

Since that time Associate Baptist Press took up the story, and went into more details about the troubling nature of the content of the article.  The fact that the article was taken down?  It was more of a side note, as you can read for yourself in: 

Pastor says male/female roles will continue in heaven


Owen Strachan, executive director of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) responded finally to the uproar over the article.  Unfortunately, he didn’t address the concerns about the article itself.  Instead, he complained that it was website glitch, and mentioned a ‘standing tendency on the part of a small group of anti-CBMW folks to misconstrue our motives’


Below are the bullet points he felt were ‘misinterpreted’

1st paragraph: “…article posted online recently…” (His point was the article is rather old, and was reprinted)

2nd Paragraph: “A 7,000-word article… apparently was taken down” (website glitch)

5th to last paragraph: “the group’s executive director said in a blog post…” (He was saying that week’s article had nothing to do with the website glitch, and yet that wasn’t the context of what Bob Allen said either.)

3rd to last paragraph: “Denny Burk, associate professor of biblical studies and ethics at Boyce College, is the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood editor.” (His point was Denny Burk wasn’t even there at the time the article was written.  Bob Allen never said he was, and again took what was said out of context.)


So for whatever reason he deflected the controversy over to something that really had nothing to do with it.  The Bob Allen of the Associate Baptist Press wrote a follow up article, Director of gender-roles council denies scrubbing article.


Shortly there after the article in question was back online, but concerns about the article itself?  Still go unanswered. 


It seems Owen wants people to believe that all that happened was over a website that went down, and what I think many of these organizations are struggling with?  People will actually check out what you are talking about (not always, but enough of them), and in the past you were not really able to do that. 


Now that people are able to check out issues on the internet?  These deflections aren’t as powerful as they used to be, and labeling others as ‘anti-CBMW folks to misconstrue our motives’ DUE to these concerns is deceptive.  WHY they feel this type of thing is acceptable?  I have no idea.  Their denial is either too strong, or they are hoping against hope that the past ways still work.


It’s been an interesting year so far I must say.  It seems other types of faith organizations are having some of the same base problems.  They were able in the past to control what information was given, and find ways of removing people that they felt caused friction. 


They made people feel they were the only ones that questions things, and made them feel it was themselves that was in fact ‘bitter’ or any host of labels that were powerful enough to use. 


Thankfully, some of these organizations seem to be imploding due to their own deception and lies from the past.  No doubt they never saw it coming, and even as the rise of the bloggers came…they still ignored things.


I was actually surprised to find – despite the presence of CMBW – people are now speaking with their wallets as far as support.  CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) seems to be beating the pants off them as you can see over at Wartsburg Watch, and their article that speaks about the finances.  It seems all their speeches about ‘equality’ being ‘sameness’ isn't going over to well anymore I guess.


What’s even sweeter?  All the people that have been hurt by these organizations, and the beliefs systems that were rammed down their throats?  They aren’t alone anymore, and are finding many voices telling similar stories.


To them it is a fight for their belief system.  In the case of CBMW?  The validity of their gender roles or complementarian belief as opposed to the wicked ‘feminist’ organization CBE or egalitarians.


To me its NOT about the labels of egalitarian, complementarian, etc.  I’m just Christian, and I don’t do labels for my own life.  I threw away those boxes many years ago.  To me its about justice for all humans – man and female.


We voice a demand because all previous petitions have been ignored.  We cry out for justice for all those who have suffered, directly and indirectly.

A petition started this week on that over a 100 hundred people so far have signed regarding what I feel is injustice towards humanity.


It’s a petition worth checking out, and I have signed myself.  Read the comments, and you will find you are not alone either.


Additional Interesting Reading:

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