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Chuck Phelps and the BJU legacy lives on

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dorightbjuChuck Phelp’s legacy lives on.

Another member of Trinity Baptist Church - Joshua Budgett – has been charged with sexual assault of a minor.  Joshua is no stranger to law enforcement, because he has been convicted of it before. 

Sex offender released on bail

Sex Offender Faces New Charges In Underage Assault

What makes this story worse is that Chuck Phelps actually married this man to a lady in his congregation while he was still in a half way house.  They actually married AT the half way house.  She had a small child already, and later had children of their own.

So lets get this straight.  Its okay for a convicted sex offender to ask Chuck Phelps to marry them at the half way house after his conviction (the first one it seems), and to come to church, etc. 

Its not okay for a raped teenager (Tina Anderson) that gave away her baby – fathered by another church member – to come back to school there. 

One would be a bad example for others (especially their children), and the other most won’t know about so its okay.  (head spinning)

Trinity Baptist Church also issued a letter of support for Joshua Budgett’s family.  One sentence seems to stand out for me. 

Besides bearing the hurt of these disgusting allegations, suddenly the primary wage earner removed from their house has caused immediate financial difficulty for (blank) and her children.
This was one of many reasons they did not wish to deal with Ernie Willis either.
Sadly, I’m sure the family is beyond devastated! What I didn’t see was a request for the victim of prayer or anything else as far as that goes.  The past bad decisions do not seem to register it seems.  It would be the proper thing to do.

I found this story when I was reading more about Chris Peterman (founder of ‘Do Right BJU’) whom after being told that BJU wouldn’t take actions against the supporters of this cause was expelled less than two weeks prior to graduation. 

They most certainly targeted him, and made his life miserable until his expulsion.  What was the final straw for BJU against Chris Peterman?  He intimidated the school, but if you listen to his video they didn’t have a problem trying to do so to him. 

It seems to be a repeating theme. 

Did you notice my picture at the top of this article?  That was a picture of an airplane buzzing BJU graduation day with a banner behind it.   “Its Time For Transparency – Do Right BJU”.  I guess they had Chris Peterman present in a sense anyway.

do right bju banner

This was one of many tweets during the graduation.  It was a nice touch wasn’t it?

Is it possible for BJU to do the right thing?  I’m not sure they are clear on what that actually means in ugly circumstances.  They may not be capable.  I have read some comments about Chris Peterman along the lines of what did he expect…


I guess he expected them to stand by their word, and WELL be transparent and DO RIGHT!  For Shame asking such an awful thing huh?  People that state they are smirking men of God need to get a grip on reality.  Doing Right and being Transparent would be something Godly men would do, and NOT have to be asked.  Why is that so difficult to comprehend?

Their actions are nothing less than spiritual abuse.  They are bullies in the clothe.  The endorsement of Chuck Phelp’s bad decisions just made them shine in the light of their making.

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