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Why Women Can't..

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Patriarchy-bigotry-prejudice-equality“I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of writing about equality for Christian women in our churches and homes,” I emailed a woman equality blogger.
But as long as pastors and bloggers and “Bible scholars” tell the world that women just don’t measure up, I will keep on.
Above is a quote from Shirley Taylor, and she can quoted a pastor’s reasons why women would not be good in certain positions compared to men.

I searched for the article, and I believe I found the one in question.  It was titled, Why women can not be head pastors.  I had to admit I’m getting rather used to silly examples that are said to used to make points that are somehow suppose to make sense to the general public.

To quote one of his comments to his ‘ahem’ points that made me giggle, and also has a sting of truth to it?
“I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony; I don’t know where to begin!”
To me?  That said it all!

I seriously don’t think people that come from this point of view truly realize how completely racist and bigoted they sound.  I really don’t think they stop long enough to hear themselves at times.  Its truly sad!  

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me because the Christian faith has been fighting bigoted overtones for how long?  Almost since it began?

The pastor in question used a common circumstance we have all giggled about in the past.  Wife hears noise in the house.  Wife wakes up husband, and has him go and investigate.
You are wise because that is what normally happens and is typically, for those of you who have a man in the house, the best move. Why? Because men are better equipped to deal with these sort of situations. There is an aggression that men have, both physical and mental, that is more able to handle situations that might become combative. That is the way we are made.
It also seems to be human nature to pick the biggest and strongest when possibility facing a battle of strength.  If we look at the story of David and Goliath?   It seems to slap the theory the pastor made in the face.  If people didn’t know the story?  WHO would have thought that David would have creamed the bigger, stronger, and more aggressive Goliath?  Can people deny that those at the time felt he would get beaten as well?  I mean seriously, if we didn’t know it came from the bible?  We would SWEAR it was a movie made by Walt Disney!

When humans are faced with dangerous circumstances gender doesn’t always play a role.  The term, ‘momma bear’ for example.  A tough, aggressive, and protective mother. Often going to extreme lengths to protect her children and herself.   We have to admit we have used this term to describe more than the animal.  

Why Women can’t?

God gives everyone the strength needed in combat of different sorts. 

What has that got to do with being pastor?  According to the author the pastor is also better at confronting false teachings.  He feels since men are better at being physically and mentally stronger?  They are in a better position of confronting false doctrine. 

To make matters even MORE confusing?  It was pointed out that Christian faith has been pelleted with false doctrine (again I would say since the beginning), and pastor agreed.  One poster’s ending point was:
I am seeing few men with the characteristics needed for true shepherding. That troubles me.
His response?
I too am troubled by the lack of male leaders. Frankly, think that there are many reasons, but one that is very important, in my opinion, is that men are not taught to be men anymore. They don’t know what it means. They are taught that they don’t have too many essential differences between them and women. They are taught that they don’t have a particular role. They are taught to suppress their masculinity and embrace their “feminine side.” It is confusing. In the end, I think we need more people who are complementarian leading the church and expressing this value with greater confidence and boldness.
Men will still be wimps because we are still sinners. Adam still followed Eve.
I have to wonder if this pastor doesn’t see that he can’t seem to grasp ‘essential differences’!  His examples sure don’t show them.  I mean according to what he says above?  Sinner equals wimps.  Okay then.

I think we can all admit that some take the ‘embracing your feminine side’ a bit to far.  What they also need to admit is what is culturally seen as effeminate has also been a source of scorn.  Like most things they add to the definition of effeminate just as they do ‘jezebel or feminist’.  The examples of the ‘worse of the worse’ according to feared label has also been used as a tactic of what you will turn into if you listen to women – and their talk about the ‘feminine side’. 

Do we try to NOT remember WHY that ‘feminine side’ issue came up to begin with.    With the stereotypes of women dealing more with ‘feelings’ and ‘nurturing’ compared to stone hard men that were completely closed off?  Yes, some take this to far I will agree.  The fact they play ‘Miss Southern Belle’ as to the principal of why it came up to begin with?  Please.  We aren’t stupid!  The constant diversions make their stands weaker – not stronger.

Why Women Can’t?

I don’t buy that the ‘most important’ thing that men aren’t taught is to be men anymore.  What ‘people’ in general lack is true character and integrity.    They buy into these crazy definitions of men being aggressive and combative as acceptable.   They take those definitions that turn it into the worse ‘worldly’ definition.  A chauvinistic definition.   The type of man that can never be wrong, or corrected.  The type of man that feels his last word should be respected, even if his decision is seen as sinful or repulsive.  

Lets look to the newspapers, and there you will find sexual predators, adulterers, and thieves with their occupations called ‘pastor’.    They have all heard the excuses for their sins, and if you wish to take the ‘right side’ of things you will agree with them.  They are given excuses about how everyone can make mistakes, and how they are a GODLY person. 

A true person of character would admit their sins, and take their lumps that came with it.    It’s called naming the sin, owning the sin, and repenting of the sin the way God would have you do. 

Being a coward and being a person that takes advantage of his position of ‘authority’ isn’t feminine.  People that makes excuses for the lack of integrity and accountability within the church aren’t due to some ‘feminine side’.  Seriously, you think when you die that ‘its those women you gave us’ will work for you?  My forced ‘feminine’ side turned me into a traitor for your cause! 

Being a traitor in the church has a history that goes way beyond our great grandparents.  It happened in the times in which ‘men were men’.  Blaming some ‘feminized’ equation for certain men that have lack of character and integrity?   Stating they are wimps because Adam followed Eve, or men are sinners?

Goodness no wonder we have issues finding real men.  They can’t get even get serious about the real issues without diverting to something ‘feminine’.  Ministry is to be serving others, and yet we tend to serve more pride and ego in some serious circumstances.

We have all met men anPatriarchy-bigotry-prejudice-equalityd women in ministry that have a true calling, and have the character and integrity to back them up.    Sadly, most deal with pets sins of the DAY!  They refuse to deal with the deep dark ugly ones like sexual abuse, or domestic violence.  They give our the spiritual pixie dust for the serious issues that shatter families,  and spend more time and effort towards the marketing of ‘hating gays’.  Just like Adam did they shift the blame to others:  You don’t take your vows seriously!    I’m not going to tell you MEN are the only ones that do that.  That’s hardly the case.

When people use excuses to keep women out of certain areas of the church with lame explanations like the Military or the burglar in the night?  When they use generalizations, stereotypes, and bigoted remarks about the female species?  Please don’t tell me that its because men don’t know how to be men anymore.  You insult many MANY good men that I know personally.

When I see people repeating this crap (for lack of better term) again and again and again?  When they encourage their wife to be their mouthpiece of encouragement?  It may signal a bit of aggressive nature I will give you that.  When you are shown your points are crazy, and can’t be backed up?  Its more your pride and ego talking with the excuses to say they do make sense.  That’s is your ‘manly’ issue, and sadly its not seen as strength to anyone but your buddies.

Stop and think.  Look at your characterizations, and replace anything ‘feminine’ with class status, ethic background, etc.    You would sound like a bigot.  How is that seen as any different when pointed towards your mother, sister, or wife?  If its racist for others, why is it not racist for her?  If you realize that would be labeling others as ‘less than’ why is it different for gender?  The reasons and comparisons for this are very weak minded, and downright hurtful.

This is NOT a recent opinion, but one that women have had for centuries.  Check your history.  Believe or not, the feminist didn’t come up with it!  I know shocking right?!

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Dawn West said...

Well, I love you. I don't know what to say much more than that. You speak so much sense and truth it rings out in my soul like the Liberty Bell.
Thank you.

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