Friday, May 20, 2011

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith Interview

Posted by Hannah at 5:54 PM

I was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio this afternoon, and it seemed to go very well.

Jocelyn Anderson and Cindy Kunsman discuss relevant issues within the church each week. I encourage you to check out the archives from their past shows.

What is NEAT is
  • You can have an email sent to you with reminders for the shows, and what the shows will be about.
  • If you get a signon name on the site you are able to participate in the chat that does on during the shows.
  • There is also a phone number that you can call during the show to make you own points.
  • Its neat to hear the personalities online I think!
  • You can also listen after the show is done if it doesn't fit your schedule.
I have been listening to their show for a couple of months now, and they truly do have some great interviews and prospective.

Listen to internet radio with jocelyn andersen on Blog Talk Radio
If you can't see player click here.

Here is the player to listen to today's show, and I'm going to place their station on my side bar as well. You can access any of their past shows there.

Thank you so much Jocelyn and Cindy for this opportunity.

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Retha on 10:55 AM said...

Hannah - I want to hear you, but my Internet is slow here, and I quickly reach my cap. At the beginning of June I'm upgrading, so I'll try to listen to you then.

Hannah on 8:29 PM said...

Ugh - caps? I'm sure I would reach that within an hour! lol!

Thank you Retha!

Lewis on 1:23 AM said...

Hannah...You did great, sis. Thanks for speaking out about these issues. You're much appreciated.

Hannah on 8:44 AM said...

Thank you for your note Lewis. Your support means alot.

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