Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tickle for Tuesday!

Posted by Hannah at 9:28 AM

I was catching up with some of my reading this morning, and  A Wife's Submission had this video posted on her site.

While we can giggle at this you also feel a ring of sadness as well.

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Waneta Dawn on 7:53 PM said...

With all their distain toward women, they still want one. What an oxymoron! Kinda like hating goats, but wanting one anyway.

Similar to the way Muslim wives are treated, too many Christian wives are sex slaves, house slaves, brood mares & nannies for their supposedly Christian husbands. They have no authority and no right to make any choices for themselves, unless their husband grants them that privilege. From a writer on Twitter I learned that 70% of women in Packistan (sp??) are abused by their husbands and male family members and have no freedom, not even in their own homes. Yet some Christian hubands do the same. Must be nice to be a male and have all that power, privilege and entitlement--at their wife's expense.

Yet, I wouldn't want to be them. They have to live with their ugly behavior and cannot get away from themselves. And then they have to answer to God, too. Their prospects are not pretty.

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