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Botkin Sisters - Feminists or Helpmeets

Posted by Hannah at 7:00 AM

I was over at Truewomanhood, and ran across a thread that discussed the Botkin Sisters discussion on Feminists or Helpmeets.  It came to my attention once again that when we place generalizations out there you pretty much miss the boat on your point overall. 

The announcer started by talking about South Korea, and how their birth rate has done down drastically.  He will tell you WHY that is of course!  The young women think men are just jerks, and don't want to have anything to do with families.  They want to place their loyalties towards corporations, and if they get pregnant?  WELL they can't have either - abortion.  Women wish to be totally independent of men and families, because they can't see the benefits it has shown generations of the past. 

You have wonder if any of those that truly believed all of that hook, line and sinker EVER looked at the reasons WHY they may have felt this drastic turn of culture was needed in their eyes.  Sigh.  Instead the vomiting of the blame of the feminists were used instead.  WHY they think that is the effective approach, and will actually get these women to listen to reason with their opinions is totally beyond me.  If you look around? The other gender must not think their idea is so hot either, but that part must be for another day.

YES they do blame society as well.  You know if you daughter writes a paper on how she wishes to be a house wife and mother she will get an "F" or failing grade on the paper, and she gets the message they state.  WHOM is grading the papers?  Is it the 'generation' that claims they have it all?  Nope.  We know they can't say that!  If they are 'falling' generation of people that are just out for money and position they certainly can't be in the teaching profession according to what you hear.  So WHO is doing this?  Remember according to the generalizations that profession wouldn't be materialistic enough to fit the mold they speak of.  Remember they LOVE stereotypes!

Lets see PREVIOUS generations showed everyone how 'great life is' so much people just fawned over that goal right?  If we look at history - maybe NOT so much!  You see if people truly did feel this happiness, and this true calling for their life they couldn't be manipulated out of it in such numbers.

SOME may fall for it, but then in time realize they had been tricked.  You would think they would return in those huge numbers if that was the case.  It certainly can't be fact then if you look at human nature in generalizations.

What happened to the wise and learned women of the past?  What happened to their supporters (the authority factor) and their influence?  I have to wonder if 1) it wasn't as powerful as they thought, or 2) the norm wasn't as great and grand as they felt.  Could it be maybe some pieces are missing?  Is there something today's generation SEES that other generations refuse to?  They way they speak of the lost generation is that it just magically out of sky happened, and no one really KNOWS how!  Do they seriously believe that?  If you look at the history of humans drastic changes like that DO happen due to more than one factor.  They only see feminism, and yet where are the others?

What are my dreams, and what do "I" want out of life? was a question!

The girls at that point went into a programed ramble about selfishness of the generation today.  The "me me and me" type of answers.  They wish to be a wife and mother, and be a proper help meet to their husband.  They wish to live life as God has asked them to do.  It seems they also have dreams, and want something out of life as well - why is it their way is NOT selfish, and when others want to change it a bit it is?  They can't say that they never asked themselves this, because they already answered it.  Is their dream wrong?  No.  Is what they wish out of life wrong?  No.  Its the push that you must do it one way, and here it is and you do it or your wrong ... and it is very individualistic and self centered.

As these girls spoke of their relationship within the family you could hear the great love they had for each other.  It seemed they also had a huge amount of respect.  Who can slam that?  Its nice to hear that they can say that the family members ARE their best friends, and they enjoy doing things together.  Its awesome that their father takes the time to lead studies, and speak of the important things in life.  Its also great that their mother has instilled values and the importance of character, responsibility,etc (Proverbs 31 women as they call it).

These young naive girls asked, "Why would a girl wish to leave their father or their husband to go and be a help meet to some manager or some other man?"  They seem to be using the lenses of their wonderful home life, and NOT looking at it from other prospective s.  Do they assume that most everyone has this wonderful life to feel safe, secure, loved, respected, etc?  Does it NOT make sense to them that others  - maybe even alot of them - don't have what they have?

The announcer states that they have strongholds within their family of security for one thing, and of course due to their relationship with their family....loyalty.  How its a laugh to think you can get that from the workplace.  Okay.  People don't always get that from home life, and WHY do they seem to ignore that?  Do they only think that opposite only happens in stories like Cinderella or something?

One thing they said that was profound was that people have lost the purpose of family.  I believe that.  You have to wonder if you worked on that part instead of railing against parts that you know will push buttons in others if you could actually accomplish something.

You see to me its not just young women that don't get the purpose of family.  There are alot of men out there that don't understand it either.  For those people its alot to ask to have loyalty and believe in security in the manner in which they speak.  They never felt safe, and they are doing life in a way to hopefully feel somewhat safe.  They don't believe they can be totally.  You know what?  I think the girls do feel that love, safety, etc, and yet just can't relate to those that don't. 

They spoke of that crossroads in life we have all faced.  We are becoming adults, and what do we do now?

They had those questions themselves, and those of their friends also did.  They also had a base of a good loving home, and parents of good nature to mentor them to be contributors in good ways in life.  It truly does no good to harp on that to shame those that didn't have that important base.  You can't tell them they are believing the lie that society is telling them if you can't grasp that people never had that sense of loyalty, safety and love that they did.  You have to have the tools to reach them, and  if you can't find a way of walking in the shoes of others you won't.

Could it be that people learned from their home life that they must stand up and only depend on themselves?  Do we look at the reasons for that, or just shame them for living that?  How is that effective to use shame?  Children will follow a path of love, honor, character, security, loyalty if that is what is shown to them. They will search for security and safety if they don't in SOME fashion, but not truly feel its possible.  I guess that doesn't make sense to the Botkin sisters, and their announcer.

Did it ever dawn on people like the Botkin sisters that MAYBE the reason people are going down the path they seem to talk about didn't?  If they could never TRUST someone is saying JUST trust the LORD going to be something automatically that just happens?  If you grew up in a home with violence, and there was no loyality and safety - how do you tell people JUST DO IT with the LORD'S help, and figure no more work needs to be done could truly be effective?

Are we raising naive little things within the christian bubble of safety so much that they can't relate to those AT ALL outside of the bubble?  The girls really didn't bother me to much in the interview - they are young.  The announcer on the other hand?  He was a like a Christian 'shock jock' as they say in the secular world.  WAY to arrogant, self righteous to truly reach those he claims he needs to.

The girls claim to have ministered to others, but I wonder if that was truly to those outside their world - or just a cleaned up version their parents wanted them to see.  Their life with the tidy clean house, tied up in a perfect red bow is awesome, but those that grew up in the opposite home life?  The announcer can say EVERYONE that has a daughter needs to get their book, but truly there are alot of girls that you won't reach.  Its like someone speaking English to a person in Russia, and telling them they can't grasp reality due to lack of understanding the language (English).  Its not the Russians fault for walking away looking at you like a LOON - yet the way they approach it you would think it is!

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Anonymous said...

I don't see scripture to back up any of what you say.

Hannah on 5:11 PM said...

What part do you need scripture for Anonymous 2?

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