Saturday, October 03, 2009

Violent Sex Offender To Be Ordained A Minister In Kentucky

Posted by Hannah at 7:42 PM

There is a church in Kentucky that has now ordained a Sex Offender.

I watched this video, and I'm sorry I can't agree with this.

I realize there is a God of second chances, but we also deal with certain consequences of our actions.

What do you think?

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Waneta Dawn on 3:01 AM said...

According to the dates and time given, it sounds like Mark has been out of jail since 2003 or 2004, which is 5-6 years. Does anyone know if that figure on sex offenders reoffending has an amount of time the reoffending occurs within, or is the amount of time open-ended?

I am skeptical of Mark's rehabilitation. First, as they said, 8 in ten reoffend.
Second, I facilitated a batterers education program, and know first-hand how difficult it is to change an abusive man's thinking. Some of the men who went through the program reoffended and hadn't changed their minds after going through the program 3 or 4 times, (so I am not impressed by Mark having gone through the sex offender program twice. It could mean he did not learn anything at all the first time through.) They did learn how to talk more convincingly so people would believe they had changed, but it did not carry over into their behavior when out of the mens-group setting. Some men even "got it" and shared humorous stories of the changes they were making at home, and then they'd change back. One man,in particular told of the relief it was to stop checking up on his wife, to stop griping at her. It was a load off his shoulders. Yet after a few weeks, his story started to change and he was back to the same abuser-mentality arguments. I tried very hard to hold the men accountable, but "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

Sexual predators and domestic abusers both are not likely to change their ways, except to get more abusive. Just because it has been 4-5 years that Mark has been out of prison does not mean he has not reoffended. The story did not say how long he has been free of having to be accountable to a parole officer. For all we know he only recently finished his parole. If so, his ability to steer clear of temptation has not yet been tested.

As a pastor, Mark will be around children alot, even if he is not alone with them. This means he will have ample opportunity to get those old habits and old thinking stirred up. It is unlikely that the other staff in the church can keep an eye on him 24-7. He will have many opportunities to be alone with a child. Boys in particular are more likely to be out on their own, unbeknownst to their parents or other responsible adults.

In addition, Mark will be serving people who are extremely vulnerable because of the rejection they face from society. Those who are that vulnerable are easy prey to sexual predators. Is it possible he chose that church in order to have accessibility to easy targets?

Yes, God is a God of second chances. And yes, we need to extend second chances to one another. But I would feel much more comfortable with this if Mark was out of prison and done with parole for perhaps ten years and had lived circumspectly in every way. After all, Mark can serve people without having the title of "pastor" that would also cause people to trust him more than he may deserve. Since he will be ministering to the hurting, shouldn't the hurting know that the person they are confiding in is capable of abusing them? Does that whole church know about his past? Are they comfortable with having him in a place of authority and respect?

Finally, what if he does reoffend? And what if he adds murder to that assault? Does the church carry insurance for stupidity?

The pastor claims he has prayed about this, and believes this move is a prompt of the Holy Spirit. I reserve judgement on that. Although it is possible that it is the Holy Spirit that spoke, it is also possible that Satan presented himself as an angel of light and that it was Satan's prompting the pastor heard.

I end up with more questions and doubts than with positive affirmation. While it is true that Mark could do a lot of good as a pastor, he could accomplish the same without being a pastor, and without exploiting or putting the vulnerable at risk.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Hannah. I really can't say.
Part of me has more patience with a violent sex offender, murderer, whatever, that has TRULY repented than for respected church leaders who still spew out bad doctrine that hurts women and children.

On the other hand...
How can anyone, but God, know when a violent sex-offender or murderer has really repented. And why the heck do they EVER have to be ordained for anything? How does ordaining anyone prove or disprove anything about God's love?

Don't have the answer.
But I'll tell ya. The picture of those two men on the youtube video before you play it...
They kind of look like a couple of guys with chips on their shoulders.
I know you can't always judge things by what they look like on the outside, but that view of them doesn't convince me that they are doing what they are doing out of humility and love.
Again, I could be way wrong.
Just saying...


Hannah on 8:47 AM said...

It made me nervous personally Mara.

The report mentioned that he promised not to take a position within the church, and now that his probation period is over? He does just that. There has to be a reason for WHY they asked him to NOT do that.

There are so many things you can do for your house of worship. Certain sins have consequences that follow you all your life.

If I remember my bible this morning (only on one cup of coffee! LOL) David was handed an awful blow from God via Nathan. He clearly sinned against God, and David clearly repented and was forgiven. God did not remove what he said would happen to his family.

I'm NOT saying kick the man out of church by any means! The bible does mention fellowship. I'm not questioning his faith, because that is not my place. To me? Its like sending an Alcoholic into bars to fellowship with people,and share the word of God. There is a HUGE temptation there, and why not send someone else?

They mentioned he wouldn't be in contact with children. I assume he isn't now. There are alot of areas he could get involved with. Prison ministry for example? Maybe NOT something for him, but there are others.

He may not have made me so nervous if he had mentioned the child in question, and shown his repentance of the awful burden he has given him for life. How knowing this effects him!

Mentioned WHY he was asked to stay out of church leadership, and what has changed that clearly qualifies him.

Abusers of all kinds can be very manipulative, and we all know they can put on a great show for the world.

I guess I saw no heart of the items I mentioned. I saw a Pastor that backs him up, and I saw no spirit within him personally.

It just gave me the major willies.

Hannah on 8:59 AM said...

Waneta - Similar thoughts crossed my mind as well.

I truly hope this church understands what they are opening themselves up to. I wonder also how many people will plan to leave the church over this. Its okay to say I BELIEVE his his repentance, but to give him a position of authority when you know of the contact he will have?

To me he gave his word NOT to do this in probation papers, and why he didn't address what has changed since then DIRECTLY? It just makes me shiver!

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