Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cheating or beating--which is worse?

Posted by Hannah at 7:47 AM

I saw a thread on about if you had to have ONE happen which would be worse? Cheating or Beating?

It was an interesting thread to read, because as you know churches tend to push the cheating card only. Overall which was the biggest fear, or considered the worse? Beating.

They spoke of the dynamics that may come with the beating part compared to the cheating part. The biggest factor was fear. Fear for their live. How beating isn't normally the only thing you deal with.

Of course you had those that threw in the 'one time' only deal, and I sat their scratching my head. So if you spouse beat the stuffing out of you ONE time you wouldn't be afraid of them? I'm sorry but if people can't admit that its pride.

Someone finally mentioned how its strange how pastors will only acknowledge the cheating part as excuse to separate or divorce. Funny because the poll showed overwhelmingly the women would rather be cheated on.

Cheating or Beating -- which is worse? It was an interesting thread!

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Jocelyn Andersen on 8:58 AM said...

Having been on the receiving end of both scenarios. I can say they are both horrendous. I cannot imagine having to make a choice as to which I would prefer, but if forced to, I would have to choose the cheating.

Jocelyn Andersen

Anonymous said...

I have been thru both with the same partner, for over six years. The sad thing is that for years I always said the cheating was worse cuz it so hurt my heart, even over the severe beatings I endured. Now with almost dying at his hands twice and finally walking away from it....would have to say the cheating was the easier to heal from, much easier than the emotional and physical scars and disabilities I carry with me now. I have more nightmares of the abuse, the affairs are so secondary.

Hannah Thomas on 10:34 PM said...

I agree Anonymous! Thank you for posting, and I will be praying for your healing.

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