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The Bible Does Allow Divorce in Domestic Abuse Cases

Posted by Hannah at 1:57 PM

Barbara Roberts Not Under Bondage

Barbara Roberts author of Not Under Bondage was cited on the Christian New Wire, and stating "The Bible Does Allow Divorce in Domestic Abuse Cases"

The Barbara Roberts in the article goes on to state:

Using the scriptures and scholarly research, the book refutes the official policy concerning divorce held by many evangelical churches and denominations. Not Under Bondage explains the scriptural dilemmas of abuse victims and shows how the Bible sets victims of abuse free from bondage and guilt.

The author is a Christian survivor of domestic abuse who is concerned about how false teaching on domestic abuse in churches may be damaging victims of domestic abuse and their children, as well as neglecting the biblical directive to make perpetrators properly accountable. Not Under Bondage is the result of three years work researching Christian beliefs and the biblical texts about divorce.

Sparked by a message forbidding divorce to abuse victims posted on Rick Warren's Saddleback Church site, Christian circles are buzzing with debate about whether the Bible allows divorce for domestic abuse. It does.

Saddleback's policy, that the Bible does not allow divorce for domestic abuse, is fairly typical of many evangelical churches, and in that sense Saddleback is not being singled as being of special notice or concern. But what is of concern is that Christians are being taught falsely that the Bible forbids divorce to victims of domestic abuse.

Not Under Bondage

Barbara Roberts Book, "Not Under Bondage" is available on Amazon. She also sells her book right on her website "Not Under Bondage" where she lists some favorable reviews she has received for her book.

Barbara Roberts is available for comment

To email Barbara Roberts:
Phone: landline +61 3 5336 2174 mobile +61 438 275 339

Please allow for time difference if calling: author lives in Victoria, Australia (19 hrs ahead of US PST; 16 hrs ahead of US EST; 11 hrs ahead of United Kingdom).
US Pacific time zone please call between 1200 hrs and midnight PST
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I'm personally reading the book presently, and I'm very much enjoying it. I encourage you to add this to your library for education and reference purposes.

It refreshing to know that others can come up with scripture that shows if divorce is the path you feel you need to take in your life due to domestic violence. The Bible Does Allow Divorce in Domestic Abuse Cases, so check out Barbara's Book to read her refreshing study on this.

Congratulations Barbara Roberts for your citing in the Christain Newswire! We look forward to seeing further pieces, and wish you much success!

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Anonymous said...

It would be very good to provide a book, chapter and verse stating where the Bible allows for divorce under the grounds of abuse. Where the Bible is silent, we too should remain silent.

Anonymous said...

I read another article about how she inluded that divorce is allowed for adultery and abandonment too. I know I will get censored and receive no answer, but this is purely heretical teaching and she will be held accountable by God for every person she leads astray and thus causes to destroy their family. She should repent, throw out the "sholarly research" and rely more upon the Spirit and Christ to teach her. There will be many who are deceived and God warned about the ones who do so.

Anonymous said...

It is foolish to call the author of "Not Under Bondage" heretical without having read her book and examined the scriptural arguments she adduces.

And it's also foolish to call for a media release to set forth verses and passages that support a doctrinal thesis. The author of the above comment appears to not understand the genre of media releases.

Anonymous said...

The abusers will be held accountable by God for breaking up the families, not their victims and advocates for their victims.
The Spirit teaches that the 2 most important commandments are Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. The abuser is breaking all of God's laws, their victims are merely protecting the innocent , which is in agreement with God's laws.

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