Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where the women are ruling in Kenya

Posted by Hannah at 10:43 PM

This doesn't have to much to do with faith in the traditional sense, but in their culture this is HUGE!

Men are very upfront about their being allowed to beat the women, and if they get raped or are to outspoken they are kicked out of the tribe. They are on their own.

A number of the 'kicked out' women decided to join forces and get their own community together. They live with no men. The men now that all the women are gone are having to do all of the work. In the past they would lay in the shacks and nap while the women worked, and now they do it all. As you can imagine they aren't very happy! Meanwhile the women have found ways of supporting themselves, and getting funds from tourists, etc. The best the men try to do is steal from them.

Its a very interesting story. THere are no protections there, and its expected to deal with being beat and disrespected. Men's attitudes are very much THEY need to come home, and do what is right! LOL The ladies? Well?? LOL Lets say their demands aren't giving them much incentive!

I'm not sure this could happen on this scale anywhere else on this earth!

Where Women Rule - Kenya

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