Monday, March 12, 2007

Toni Childs - I've got to go now!

Posted by Hannah at 1:09 PM

This man i married is buried deep
And the more i try to wake him, the more he sleeps
I used to think i knew this man
The tenderness, not the back of his hand

It's been two weeks since he last had a drink
But the time bombs ticking, i can never sleep
It would be easier if he did
Why do you stay here, stay with him?

Why do you do it?
Why do you treat us bad?
When you've got two kids that love you
And a wife that's missing you bad
I've got to go now
I've got to say goodbye
Don't try to stop us now
And please don't you cry
Can't you see. we've all been through it
It's all been said before
With all these fears,
For how many years can i keep coming
Back for more
No more

Must be addicted to all this pain
Cause i keep coming back for the shame
Dear god give me the strength to leave
I've got to keep going, keep going this time

Don't try to stop us now
Don't pull that stuff on me
I've got the kids all packed up
Harry's in the back with his pick up truck
Jenny's fallen asleep again
I've got to keep driving till i reach the end

I can't come back here anymore
And i know it
And i know it
I can't come back here anymore
And i know it
And i know it

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Anonymous said...

top song....brilliant lyrics.
and the fact that its about her best friend makes it even better to understand....

Hannah on 11:32 AM said...

I agree with you.

For me you can see a lady you is truly struggling with what it is right, and leaving...and her feelings about that. You can tell she truly doesn't wish to, but doesn't see any other way out.

Her pain over this flies in the face of all the ones that claim people foolishly thrown away their families, and they are taking the easy way out. How if they tried harder, and had faith things would try around. I know I'm reading MORE into it than this song is stating. LOL!

To me it shows the pain people struggle with, while others offer a pat on the head, prayers - and no true fellowship with this struggle. They are ones that are quick to say you are in sin when you escape, but never took the time for true fellowship to understand the dynamics of how truly broken things are. Offering shame and blame to the spouse that leaves, and once again never offering help to either.

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