Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Radio Interview with Susie and Paul Luchsinger - A Tender Road Home

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Don't forget to click the title to straight to the source of this interview. Family Life Today is a ministry that did this interview.

Domestic abuse is a pattern of controlling and coercive behavior which can involve physical, sexual, economic, emotional and psychological abuse. On this week's broadcast, Dennis Rainey talks with award-winning Christian country artist Susie Luchsinger and her husband, Paul, about the strain spousal abuse inflicts on a marriage.

Confronting Abuse (Day 1) - 25 minutes Real Player

Paul's jealousy, anger and high-control personality contributed to his abusive behavior. On today's broadcast, award-winning country gospel singer Susie Luchsinger and her husband, Paul, tell Dennis Rainey how their faith in God helped them stay together and re-align their marriage according to His plan.

The Healing Path (Day 2) - 25 Minutes Real Player

The physical abuse had stopped years ago, but the anger still lay there festering in Paul's heart, ready to lash out at the slightest provocation. Today on the broadcast, Paul and Susie Luchsinger, a professional bull rider and an award-winning Christian country artist respectively, talk with Dennis Rainey about the emotional abuse that continued in their marriage even after the physical abuse ceased.

Digging Up the Roots (Day 3) - 25 Minutes Real Player

On today's broadcast, award-winning singer, Susie Luchsinger, and her husband Paul, a professional bull rider, talk openly about the drastic steps they had to take to end the emotional abuse occurring in their marriage.

Moving Mountains (Day 4) - 25 minutes Real Player

Nothing is impossible with God. On today's broadcast, Dennis Rainey hears from Paul and Susie Luchsinger, a couple finding their way back home after a long battle with physical and emotional abuse.

Hoping in the Healer (Day 5) - 25 minutes Real Player

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