Thursday, July 28, 2005

My thoughts on an article I'm reading - Part I

Posted by Hannah at 10:22 AM

I was reading a Sociology paper today about Shattered Silence or the Holy Hush. 

Shattered Silence was about naming the abuse, and Holy Hush was about silencing it.

The paper talked about how Abuse in the home, and the long recovery time it takes for it’s victims to heal has been brought to the forefront in the last 25 years or so.

How people have come to recognize this situation, and how ugly it came be. Writings, studies, Research have sky rocketed within this time frame on the subject, but very little was looked at in the “Spiritual Aspect” of some victims and their church families when living with this.

The political movement had started awareness, and halfway houses; crisis centers began to pop up in a lot of areas in answer to the cries. What started out as a couple of places that women and their children could escape to when faced with abuse – turned into an industry with people saying there are experts in every aspect of this issue.

The article I read studied and interviewed clergy, churchwomen, crisis center workers, and female (religious) victims of abuse. The number they quoted was over 1,000 people just for this study.

A lot of literature in the Christian arena talks about “family life” or “family values”. There are TONS of books, tapes, etc on the subject. Some of the more popular literature speaks about submission and hierarchy within the family, and if you stick with their views you will have martial bliss.

Stand strong and united against all secular things or ideas that might crush the family unit. A lot of today’s problems are due to the fact that people have not held this up, and that is why it seems people have abandoned God’s plan for them. If you wish this “happily ever after” living you need the strive for strong male leadership, and supportive-nurturing women. That is all fine and good in principal most of the time I suppose, but what happens when their formula doesn't work?

When you have HUGE companies with over 1,000 publishers writing for them, and you know that TONS of magazines, books, tapes etc are distributed every month – even I have noticed how little is said about abuse or violence in the Christian home.

Of course when you do read about this subject they never outright condone this. But what you do see is a lot of views on how the victim – not the perpetrator – should stand firm or use “tough love” to stop them. They must find support from family and friends and find some professional to help with the reconciliation process.

Don’t think of divorce – think of “hidden pearls in the offense” that was committed against them. Yet another tells women “Submission is not contingent on the actions of your spouse!” The hidden message? Strive for your marriage at all costs! The reality of abuse and violence against women and children should be ignored so the “happily ever after” faith following family can LIVE ON!

Good Grief! That was only the beginning of the article – in my brief words anyway. They said it more professionally with footnotes, references to materials, etc. They got into a whole lot more detail than I did. All I have to say is I’m glad someone else can see this also…lol and I didn’t have to study over 1,000 people to do it!

I’m sure there will be more to come as soon as I read on as well!

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